As a CIO it only natural to evaluate the performance and the ROI of investing in a native Salesforce release   management solution.

 A successful Salesforce release management system is as much about technology as it is about people and   processes. It is not an isolated process. Therefore, a release management solution needs to be aligned with the   broader overarching business strategy.

 So while on the technology front, a robust Salesforce release management solution helps you release faster and   more often, with confidence, you also need to focus on the ROI and cost-benefit analysis when investing in it.

 Therefore, we designed Flosum as a complete end-to-end solution including built-in merge tools, version control,   continuous deployments, static code analysis, user story management & regression testing tools. It is purposely built   within Salesforce and 100% native to give you strong benefits of the Salesforce platform.

 Why Enterprises must adopt Salesforce release management solution?

  • Complex IT Infrastructure:

 Enterprises have complex IT infrastructure which increases the risk that the release of functionality in the new   release might break, hence there is a need for robust release management. Release management becomes even   more critical if there are multiple technologies or different versions of those technologies.

  • Multiple Delivery Teams Working in Parallel:

Your enterprise IT infrastructure is a collection of a shared environment. As the strength of your enterprise IT delivery teams increases, there is a greater chance that the release efforts will conflict with each other. A Salesforce release management solution ensures better collaboration and higher efficiency gains as it helps standardize and streamline the development and operations process.

  • Support the IT Team

 Your existing IT team may not have sufficient experience in deploying Salesforce solutions into your operational   environment. However, a native release management solution can improve productivity, coordination, as well as   increase the number of successful releases and even reduce quality problems.

 How A Native Salesforce Release Management Solution Delivers ROI?

 A release management solution less ordinary! Flosum, the fully native release management, and version control   system for Salesforce brings together people, processes, and technology to optimize, visualize, and govern business   value flow through your entire Salesforce ecosystem. With less than 60 days payback period, the 100% Salesforce   native DevOps solution for Salesforce enables 72% faster deployment while also saving $305,750 per month for   enterprises. An all-in-one solution for requirements management, version control, deployments, and regression   testing, here’s how it delivers ROI

  • Built On Salesforce, Built For Salesforce

 Flosum release management is purpose-built for Salesforce and has 100% native architecture, not just the UI layer.   Thus, it helps streamline work, reduces manual effort as well as rework/ recovery. A native Salesforce release   management solution and version control system helps you democratize development without any learning curve   and with a better version control system. Flosum release management streamlines the Salesforce

  • Cost Savings

 Salesforce deployments often take too long which can often be an obstacle for the enterprise to meet consumer   demands. Flosum Release management clients have evaluated productivity gains from the use of Salesforce specific   DevOps tools and experienced cost savings of $34,320 saving per month and even a massive $305, 750 savings per   month for enterprises together with multiple project streams, overlapping revenue cycles as well a heavily regulated   environment so you can release with confidence.

  • Better Collaboration & Higher Productivity Gains

 Native DevOps solution enables better collaboration. This helps developers, admins, and release managers save   time with deployment and recovery from errors. Better collaboration in turn drives higher productivity as well as   faster releases with less effort. Thus, ensuring fewer bugs for the end-user and overall higher ROI on the DevOps   investment.

  • Simplifying & Automating Complex Deployment

 Designed with clicks, not code approach, Flosum streamlines code merging, improves quality, and automates   deployments which allow developers and testers to speed up development. Seamless integration with Git, Jira,   Azure  DevOps, Selenium, and many other tools in addition to one-click rollback helps simplify deployment.

  • Modernize Your Security Operations to Combat Threats

 The native architecture of Flosum release management solution ensures best-in-class security which allows     enterprises such as financial, healthcare & life science enterprises, and federal agencies to stay ahead of the   evolving  cyber threat landscape. Thus, allowing enterprises to effortlessly combat any evolving threats. Unlike other   vendors on Salesforce app exchange which usually have backdoor access to your enterprise’s production data, with   Flosum, your data is always stored on the Salesforce system. This lessens compliance risk exposure, and there is   less chance of any kind of data being compromised through intrusion.

  • Help Enterprises Manage Compliances More Effectively

 Organizations using Flosum release management experienced easier regulatory and IT compliance-related audits   while the built-in compliance for industry standards like HIPAA, HITECH, and SEC regulations lessened compliance   risk exposure. Since the DevOps solution is built on Salesforce, for Salesforce, the architecture is very sophisticated.

  • Eliminates Technical Debt in Salesforce

 Managing technical debt is a major challenge for enterprises. Overtime your salesforce org grows in complexity and   will likely cause performance issues. As a fully native release management solution, Flosum infuses automation to   help the Salesforce DevOps team create a more stable environment, reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, thus   improving the productivity cycle.

 Using a Salesforce native tool has helped enterprises to go-to-market faster and drive increased revenue. As CIOs,   you have to focus on the ROI and cost-benefit analysis when investing in a Salesforce release management solution,   but you will also need to keep in mind the missed opportunities of not fully leveraging the scalability, security, and   simplicity of the Salesforce platform by not choosing a fully native Salesforce solution.

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“Flosum is the best native release management tool that you will fall in love with. I have gained confidence in my role and has given me the ability to view release management from a whole different perspective.”

Faizan Ali

Faizan Ali
Salesforce Consultant at Turnitin