Release Management Best Practices

Release management processes should not be established in isolation. They are complexly intertwined with the business strategy, business objectives, change management, governance, and other aspects of the organization. They need to be formed jointly with the steering... Read more

Salesforce Sandbox Environment Types

There are 4 kinds of Salesforce sandboxes: • Developer sandbox • Developer Pro • Partial Copy • Full sandbox Developer sandbox environments are intended for coding and testing by a single developer. Multiple users can log into and share a single Developer sandbox, but... Read more

The Executive’s Guide to Flosum

An Executive Guide to Salesforce Release Management. When IT executives make a decision to standardize on a given platform, they choose the most effective and efficient platform to meet their business objectives. While every organization employs a variety of different... Read more

Why Flosum

Flosum: The superlative solution for Release Management Many customers who haven’t seen our solution ask us: “Why do we need another product for managing Salesforce deployments?” The answer is: Most customers who use Salesforce Changesets or Ant... Read more

Managing Citizen Developers With Flosum

Using Flosum to Manage Salesforce Citizen Developers What is a Citizen Developer? As the pace of technology continues to increase, more and more people are becoming involved in app development. It is no longer necessary for someone to know code and understand software... Read more

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