All Gain, No Pain

We’re proudly different from other solutions. See what that means for you.

Truly Complete Solution

Flosum is a complete end-to-end solution including built-in merge tools, version control, continuous deployments, static code analysis, user story management & regression testing tools. Flosum is completely built on Salesforce, for Salesforce. Use our in-built features - OR integrate with your favorite external tools.

Better Version Control

While Flosum is fully integrated with GIT, we also offer our own native version control, built specifically for Salesforce development, which smoothly handles merging of declarative, programmatic, and complex components.

Lightning Ready

Flosum’s native version control also easily handles all Salesforce proprietary component types, such as lightning web components, aura definition bundles, static resources, etc. Flosum offers full conflict resolution for these components.

No Learning Curve

As a native application, Flosum leverages Salesforce’s familiar UI for all actions (remove actions, workflows, etc.). If you know how to use Salesforce, you already know how to use Flosum.

Extensible & Customizable

Want to add approval processes, reports, custom fields? Change the layout of the screen? No problem. Extend and customize with Salesforce - the technology that you are already an expert in.

Democratize Development

Want to add approval processes, reports, custom fields? Change the layout of the screen? No problem. You already know how to do it. Flosum is a 100% native Salesforce app; customize with “Clicks, not Code” using the platform technology you are already familiar with.

Integrate it All

As a native app, we extend and leverage Salesforce’s integration capabilities. Flosum can integrate with pretty much any other tool, application, or system in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Best-in-class Security

Flosum is the only solution that does not require you to open your IP ranges or open up access to your production org. All other vendors will have backdoor access to your production data, but with Flosum data is always stored on the Salesforce platform.


Flosum offers the underlying certifications required by financial, healthcare & life science enterprises and federal agencies.

Flosum was built for Q.A.

Develop and optimize strategic testing plans.

Code Review Process

Migrate Data

Migrate test data into your developer and test sandboxes at the click of a button.

Your Sandbox

Prevent developers and other admins from deploying on your QA sandbox. Keep your QA sandboxes separate from the developer activities.

Use Out-of-the-Box Testing Tools

Integrate with Selenium testing and other AppExchange testing tools.

Flosum was built for Release managers

Reduce deployment time by over 32% with flexible, collaborative development between developers, QA and release managers.

Merge Last Minute

Merge multiple user stories into one common deployment with the ability to drop user stories from the deployment at the last minute.

Easy Undo

Roll back unwanted deployments with just one click to prevent production catastrophes.

Express Deployment

Use advanced deployments such as Quick Deploy and Fast Deploy to reduce deployment time.

Complete Security

Prevent unauthorized deployments with controls that ensure only authorized users can deploy to an org. Get approvals and sign-offs from business teams before deployments.

Flosum was built for Security officers

If you trust Salesforce to protect your data, you can trust Flosum, a 100% native solution which runs on

100% Native Solution

Unlike other solutions, Flosum does not use AWS, Heroku, or any 3rd party servers to host your data. Flosum provides a complete, embedded version control system on Salesforce and for Salesforce to ensure that your data never leaves Salesforce.

No Access To Your Data

Flosum personnel do not have access to your data or the Flosum application.

Access Control

Flosum recommends our customer to harden the security of their Flosum application as per your Salesforce’s best practices.

Government Cloud

Flosum is the only solution in this space authorized to run on the gov’t cloud.

Flosum was built for Compliance officers & healthcare validation experts

Flosum was built for compliance officers & healthcare validation experts.

Track end-to-end changes across the application delivery chain, ensuring GxP adherence.

Full Control

Review and approve code changes made in each developer sandbox. Commit history into the version control and record testing sign-offs from QA and business teams.

Review & Approve Code

Use electronic audits and signatures to maintain proper sign-offs and approvals before deployment.

Deployment Tracking

Track deployment based on user stories. Components can be modified by multiple aggregates such as story or approver.

FDA Compliance

Healthcare professionals can certify applications for FDA compliance including 21 CFR Part 11, 210, 211, 820, Annex 11, GAMP, CGMP, and HIPAA.

Flosum was built for Developers

Harness the power of open source, without the pain of open source.

If you know Salesforce, you know Flosum. Get all the power of enterprise tools without the complexity.

Version Control

Powerful version control features built for Salesforce to uniquely handle. Examples include Lightning components, process builder, and more.

Review & Approve Code

Review peer code using Code Pull and approve code using standard approved processes while allowing developers visibility to changes.

Sandbox Mode

Sync with developer sandboxes at the click of a button. Test applications in developer sandboxes with real data.

Improve Team Collaboration

Easily hand off user stories and new features to developers and QA for improved team collaboration.

Flosum was built for Admins

If you know Salesforce, you know Flosum. Get all the power of enterprise tools without the complexity.

Streamlined Delivery

Flosum uses a clicks, not code approach to application delivery. Learn the entire platform in less than a few hours without the need for open source tools.

Simple Deployment

Deploying your configuration is as easy as making declarative changes in Salesforce.

Community Collaboration

Empower business users and citizen developers to build their own features and push the changes through the Flosum platform.

Enterprise Strength

Flosum offers full enterprise-strength capabilities to admins with all the benefits of Salesforce usability.

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