Mutual of Omaha tames their “wild west” development environment, feels confident with data financial security and compliance, and significantly reduces deployment time with Flosum


For over a century, Mutual of Omaha has provided clients with a variety of services and support. Originally focused on insurance, they have now expanded into the financial and banking sector as well – and currently cater to clients nationwide. They use salesforce to house records, organize information and increase the productivity and of their 2,000 plus users.


Prior to Flosum, Mutual of Omaha was struggling with their release management and change management process. “I called it the Wild West” says Glen Rogers, Senior Salesforce Architect. “Everyone had their guns and horses and they could deploy whenever they wanted to. They were walking on each other, overwriting each other’s code. It was just a mess.” Change sets didn’t allow for consistency, visibility or the ability to rollback if issues occurred, and would take a significant amount of precious time from developers. “We would start on a Friday afternoon, but it would take the entire weekend to deploy because there were so many issues with unit tests and test class code coverage was failing. It was just unbelievable,” says Glen. After looking at Gearset, Copado and other solutions in the space. Mutual of Omaha settled on Flosum, largely due to the fact that it is completely built and housed within salesforce and was the most secure solution on the market. The capability to integrate with Jira was another deciding factor.


The implementation of Flosum allowed Mutual of Omaha to tame their wild west environment. Conflict management and continuous integration capabilities prevented overwriting and the built-in matching and code compare tools help ensure that deployments now run smoothly. “What was taking us three days to deploy, is now taking about two hours on average,” says Glen. “My boss and all of our upper management are thrilled beyond belief with the results.” Furthermore, the team feels confident knowing their sensitive financial data is secure within the salesforce platform, the metrics that can be presented to management are critical and the ability to rollback has been a huge bonus with their security team.

Mutual of Omaha has also been very pleased with the customer support and service. “We’ve always had excellent support,” says Glen. “Quantifiably overall, it has been night and day once we started using Flosum,” he concluded.

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