Flosum Delivers on the Salesforce Promise

Flosum​ ​Delivers​ ​on​ ​the​ ​Salesforce​ ​Promise

The decision to purchase Salesforce is a big step for most companies. It requires an investment of time and money to ensure the platform meets the needs of your business groups and can keep your data secure.

When you decide to incorporate a release management solution, you should leverage the investment you made in Salesforce. Why spend more time and more money vetting a new platform when you can choose Flosum, the only release management platform that is built on Salesforce for Salesforce.

With Flosum you can rest easy knowing that our complete lifecycle management solution is 100% native to Salesforce. Flosum offers all of the same benefits as Salesforce.


Organizations rely on Salesforce security to ensure that their data is safe and the platform does not open them to vulnerabilities. Security is necessary throughout the entire application lifecycle and should not be overlooked. Your ALM solution stores the same data that is stored by the Salesforce application. Flosum is built on the Salesforce platform, so when you choose Flosum as your ALM solution, you know that you are getting the Salesforce security you trust.


We know that customers choose Salesforce because they trust their commitment to abide by the laws and regulations that govern the industries they serve. Flosum is built on the Salesforce platform in order to maintain the integrity of your investment in Salesforce compliance. Flosum offers the underlying certifications required by financial, healthcare, and life science enterprises as well as federal agencies. It provides out-of-the-box segregation of duties for SOX 404 compliance and can be extended for COBIT and ITIL compliance.

User​ ​Friendly

Salesforce is one of the top-rated low-code platforms that is popular for its ease of use. It offers visual tools that enable non-technical users and business users to create functional apps. Flosum empowers admins, business users, and citizen developers to build their own features and push the changes through the platform using a “clicks-not-code” philosophy.

“No​ ​Software”​ ​Promise

Flosum is a cloud-based platform. Release management applications that are based on open source can require additional software and hardware. By eliminating the need for additional software and hardware, you can maintain the integrity of the security provided by Salesforce. The Flosum solution is self-contained to take full advantage of the inherent values of Salesforce.

Robust​ ​Platform

Flosum is built on an application development platform that can easily be extended. Users can quickly enforce business policies to change a solution on the fly. Flosum not only provides a complete release management solution for the Salesforce platform, but it also aligns with its functionality and specific offerings. With its simple, yet powerful architecture Flosum provides the same the same SLAs, disaster recovery plans, backup plans, and restore plans for your production application that are available in Salesforce.

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