The Most Frequently Asked Question

We Answer Your Most FAQ

We get asked the same question again and again, by blog comment, email, even phone calls.

“Why can’t I find pricing information on your website?”

It’s an excellent question. It’s not easy to answer, but so many of you have asked, it’s time to respond.

Our Pricing Depends on a Lot of Things

Setting a price on a sophisticated, enterprise solution is not easy. Why can’t we give quotes off a price chart? There are way too many variables. For our clients:

  • We get requests from small, mid-sized and enterprise organizations.We get calls from organizations with 2 users and requests for price quotes from organizations with 20 Salesforce production orgs. The range of the customers is really large.
  • We have multiple solutions to solve different pain points.
  • We serve different market segments such as:
    • ISV partners and Salesforce Product Development Organizations (PDOs) who use Flosum for complete application development lifecycle for their own use or their customers.
    • Systems integrators who need a platform to manage services for a huge number of customers.
    • customers who need a platform to manage their work on Salesforce.

Each client has unique functional requirements and expectations of solution performance. That translates into different architecture, processes, capabilities, and service charges.

In other words, one-size-fits-all prices are bad for everyone concerned. Various customers perceive different value and the usage varies heavily amongst them. They don’t reflect on the different types and amounts of value we might provide. And, they don’t take into account budget, time and other constraints that our clients might provide.

Why it’s Worthwhile to Contact Us for Pricing

So when you reach out to us, what happens? We learn about your unique challenges, Salesforce setup, team structure, business challenges, and expectations.

  • We won’t waste your time.   After a quick understanding of your scenario, our experienced consultants can work with you on the pricing model based on the real-life information you provide.
  • You’ll get just the services you need.   If you work off a pricing chart, your solution might not be architected properly or your expectations can be misaligned. We match our solution to your needs based on your expectations.
  • We will ensure success.   Our consultants will ensure that the product will meet your requirements and help with your pain points. If we cannot help you, we will tell you so.
  • We will ensure value.   We will ensure that you get full value from our solution based on the parameters that you provide. We will ensure that our solution will deliver a solid ROI for your organization. You’ll spend more time collaborating and innovating and less time in mundane and painful tasks.
  • We will make it easy.   If you are serious about solving your challenges, we are here to make it easy for you to work with us.

A customized estimate of Flosum services is just a phone call away. We’ll make it quick and painless. And when we’re done, you’ll have a clear path forward. Contact us today at or call at (844)-3-FLOSUM.