Flosum: The superlative solution for Release Management

Many customers who haven’t seen our solution ask us: “Why do we need another product for managing Salesforce deployments?”

The answer is:

Most customers who use Salesforce Changesets or Ant migration tool from Salesforce are not satisfied with the tools. Even if we put all the piecemeal tools in the marketplace, they won’t provide the complete solution for release management. Compare Salesforce to other enterprise class applications such as Oracle and SAP. They offer out-of-the-box comprehensive solutions for managing end-to-end deployment, improving governance and compliance as well as managing the complete lifecycle of the application.

Release Management is the achilles heel for the Salesforce platform, and Flosum closes that gap.

all the solutions in the marketplace and combine them together, they don’t provide an enterprise class solution for change management.

Flosum not only provides the complete release management solution for the Salesforce platform, but it also aligns very well with the spirit of the the Salesforce platform. Flosum is completely built on the Salesforce platform. The typical users of the Flosum, which are typically developers, release managers, business analysts, do not have to learn another platform since Flosum is completely built on the Salesforce platform. Flosum combines proven, industrial strength change management processes with the modern cloud platform to aid developers in delivering more business value.

This blog highlights some of the benefits of using Flosum compared to the native solutions such as Change Sets and Salesforce Migration tool:

  1. Complete solution: Salesforce Changesets do not support all metadata types. So, if you need to migrate custom fields,validation rules, field-level security, you have to do them manually. This manual work leads to a lot of errors and lack of governance. Flosum supports all metadata types out of the box.
  2. Flexible solution: Salesforce Changesets work only with affiliated organizations. For example the, you cannot apply Changesets between organizations from two different productions streams. However, Flosum is very flexible. You can use it to sync any two different organizations irrespective of their ownership and position in the application delivery chain.
  3. Declarative solution: Flosum is a “clicks, not code” approach to release management. There is no need to download jar files, set up proxies, run complex UNIX commands to actually push the changes from one organization to another organization. Any person who can do basic configuration in Salesforce can fully use Flosum. Flosum is not only made for the geeky developers but also for business analysts, managers and non-techie people in mind.
  4. Governance and auditing: Flosum automatically tracks all the changes to an organization. Flosum tracks only the changes to an organization, what changes for me to an organization and when those changes were done. Flosum will automatically track if the changes are applied to production without testing them in other stage or QA environments.
  5. Reduce deployment time: Flosum helps to reduce deployment time by using many, different techniques. For example, using Flosum developers can apply the least, minimal amount of changes to the next organization and the application delivery chain. This is contrary to the suggestion from Salesforce which entails deploying all the dependent components, however this completely in line with the release management best practices. Proper release management dictates that the least amount of code should be deployed.
  6. Specific to Salesforce: Flosum is made specifically for Salesforce. Flosum understands the architecture of Salesforce, governor limits, sandbox nuances, metadata APIs, tooling APIs, etc. Flosum is designed to specifically handle release management challenges. For example, other solutions do not help in migrating field level security or objects level permissions changes. Flosum can automate such deployments.
  7. Extensible and configurable solution: Flosum is built on the Salesforce platform to handle the challenges for the Salesforce platform. Flosum can be extended as well as configured just like any other application built on the Salesforce platform. For example, many customers have extended the Flosum application for managing the sandboxes. They create new objects and attributes to capture the use of a given sandbox, the owner of the sandbox as well as the latest date for that sandbox. This helps customers making the most use of the sandbox environment.
  8. Compare orgs: Many developers have a need to compare different organizations when they want to migrate code from one organization to another organization. However, developers don’t have any tools to find out the differences between the various organizations. They use hit-and-trial to create the change manifest. The changes are deployed on an adhoc basis and they keep trying and trying, until they can find out successfully figure out the right amount of code to be included in the package. Flosum automates all these activities. Flosum can automatically create a comparison of two different organizations at the click of a button.
  9. Team collaboration: Flosum is a social change management solution. Developers and the members can communicate the solution using Flosum. Instead of asking mundane questions to each other, they can collaborate & exchange ideas for higher yield activities.
  10. Integrated version control system: Flosum is a complete integrated version control system. Using Flosum, developers can create different branches for the previous features as well as environment builds. Flosum automatically keeps tracks of all the various changes in the Salesforce environments as well.
  11. From idea to deployment: Flosum has been invited by Salesforce to integrate with their Agile Development Methodology. self-assessment application to track the latest requirements from the business partners. This application is currently in pilot phase. Salesforce has invited Flosum to Integrate that application along with our release management solution. Once integration is complete, customers will be able to use an end-to-end solution to capture the input from previous teams and track it all the way till that particular feature is delivered in the production organization.

Here is a quick summary of the various options:

ChangesetsAnt Migration toolFlosum
Support for all metadata types
Works with all organizations
Enterprise-wide visibility
Declarative Solution
In-built Governance and Auditing
Helps reduce deployment time
Helps with Governor limits
Eliminates Hand-offs between developers
Cross-organization visibility
Team Collaboration
Integrated Version Control System


Flosum is complete, release management solution in-a-box for the Salesforce platform, built on the Salesforce platform. Just like any other cloud solution, your organization can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Flosum is the recommended solution by many Salesforce employees, system integrators as well as current customers will use Flosum.

If you are using Salesforce, it is very likely that Flosum will bring a lot of value to your organization. We invite you to ask for the personalized demo of the Flosum solution.

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