Conflict Detection & Merging

Flosum supports complete conflict detection and merging of components that are supported by the Salesforce platform. Salesforce developers typically have to spend too much of their time working with peers and admins in searching for potential conflicts to ensure that... Read more

Citizen Development

Salesforce is a unique business platform in that it encourages and democratizes application development to a wide swath of its users. The Salesforce platform’s ease of use has empowered many business users outside the realm of IT to make changes to their own... Read more

Flosum Architecture

Flosum is a complete end-to-end release management and continuous integration application built from the ground up for the Salesforce platform. Flosum is 100% built on the Salesforce platform; it does not use Heroku or AWS in the back end. The following diagram shows... Read more

Flosum’s Version Control Strategy

Flosum has the same version control strategy as Microsoft, which consists of a two-pronged approach: Microsoft built its own version control system to be very tightly aligned with its development platform. Microsoft’s system allows developers to be very... Read more

Flosum Flows

The Process Flosum is a flexible and powerful application built entirely on the Salesforce platform. This article explains the entire application development process in Flosum from ideation of a new feature to its deployment into production. The application... Read more

Merging Lightning Components

This article shows how lightning components are merged in Flosum. In the following screenshot, the AuraB1 branch is being merged with the AuraB2 branch. Note that two lightning components, helloWorldApp and helloWorld, are present in both branches. Flosum... Read more


This article provides a high-level overview of the deployment functionality in Flosum. Deployments in Flosum are delivered as patches, and Flosum can deploy all components that are supported by the metadata API as well as the Tooling API. Flosum can deploy from the... Read more

Synchronizing Developer Sandboxes

In the Salesforce ecosystem, it can be challenging to keep developer sandboxes in sync with the other sandboxes in the ecosystem. Flosum makes this synchronization process quick and easy. The screenshot below shows a local developer sandbox. The Remote Repository tab... Read more

Comparing Orgs

Developers often need to compare various orgs and deploy changes based on the differences. Flosum provides a wide-variety of functionality to support these comparisons, such as the following: Comparing various orgs Comparing an org with the repository (master branch)... Read more

Regression Testing

Flosum can be tightly integrated with Selenium test cases for regression testing. Selenium test cases can be recorded and hosted on any provider, including AWS, Azure, or any on-premise servers that customers may already have. There are no limits as long as the... Read more

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