How do I gain access to the Professional Level Certification Course?

You can gain access to the course using the following steps:

1. Enter your first name, last name, and work email address in the form at and click submit.

**Please note: If you enter a personal email address, you will not receive the final email containing your login credentials and access to the course. You will then need to sign up again with a work email and repeat the entire process over to gain access to the course and quiz.

2. Use the unique link or share buttons to share the page with co-workers or colleagues.

3. At least one colleague must click on your unique share link and enter their own first name, last name, and work email address on the sign-up page. (They must use a work email for you to be credited with the referral).

4. Once you are credited with the referral, an email will be triggered to be sent to your inbox.

5. You will receive an email containing direct links to register for an upcoming certification course and login credentials to access the certification quiz. If you attempt to log in to access the quiz now, the quiz will be unavailable.

6. Click on one of the three course registration links that works best for your schedule.

7. Enter your first name, last name, and email address to register for the certification course on the Zoom registration page. Congratulations! You are now registered.

8. Attend the webinar course at your selected date/time.

You will be guided through the next steps during the webinar:

1. When the webinar is finished, pull up the same email, click "Link to quiz", and log in using the credentials given in the email. You will then enter the quiz access code given to you by our presenters during the webinar course.

2. Complete the quiz within 48 hours of the certification course you attended. The quiz will expire after 48 hours of the course start time.

3. Your quiz will be graded immediately and you will receive an email containing your results and a certification if you passed.

What if I sign up using my personal email address and refer a colleague?

If you use a personal email address to sign up, you will not receive the final email containing your login credentials and access to the course. You will then need to sign up again with a work email and repeat the entire process over to gain access to the course and quiz.

What if a co-worker or colleague I refer uses a personal email address to sign up?

If your colleague uses a personal email address to sign up as one of your referrals, you will not receive access to the quiz. You will need to ask that they sign up again with a work email, or refer another friend.

What if I don't have a corporate email address?

If you are between jobs or do not have a work email address, you may create a new email address at Once the email setup is completed, you may then use your Proton Mail email address to register for the Flosum certification course. All certification-related emails will be sent to your new Proton Mail email address. Once you are in possession of a corporate email address again, please email to request an email address change in our system.

I signed up, referred a colleague, but I have still not received an email. What should I do?

Please try the following:

1. The email was sent to you junk email/spam. Please check all inboxes

2. Visit, enter your email address, and click on the tab "Status of my referral". This tab with show you how many referrals you have achieved, and whether you still need to refer another colleague. If you have gained access to the course already, a "Resend" button will appear. This button will resend the email you should have received prior, and give you access to the webinar course registration and quiz.

Remember, if you referred a colleague and still have not gained access, your colleague may already have signed up and received their own unique share link from another referral - You cannot refer the same person that someone else already has. Try referring another person instead.

Your colleague may have signed up with a personal email address. In this case, you would not have received credit. Please check that your colleague entered their corporate email address, or refer another person with a corporate email address.

If you are still having issues, please email and our team will help resolve the issue!

I am trying to sign up using the Facbook option instead of entering my email and it is not working. Help!

If your Facebook account has a personal email attached to it, the same rules will apply to your registration and you will not be able to receive your welcome email with your credentials. Please register with a corporate email address.

Certification Course

How many levels of Flosum certification courses are there?

There are two levels of certification. Level 1 (Professional) and Level 2 (Expert). As the levels increase, the course becomes more strenuous.

How can I take the Level 2 (Expert) certification course?

Level 2 (Expert) will be released in August. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn to catch any announcements here.

How do I prepare for the quiz at the end of the certification course?

You must attend the certification webinar course preceding the quiz, pay attention and take notes. The quiz is open note, so as long as you are actively engaged and listening to the presentation during the course, you will have the knowledge necessary to pass the quiz.

How many questions does the Level 1 certification consist of?

21 questions

How do I prepare for the webinar?

All you need to do to prepare for the webinar is block off 2 hours of your time, and be sure to have note-taking materials on hand.

Where do I get the access code to to gain access to the quiz?

You must attend the webinar course to receive the access code to the quiz. The access code will be given at some point during the duration of each webinar course, and it expires within 48 hours of the course.

What happens if I fail the certification quiz at the end of the course?

If you fail the quiz, you may retake the certification course and quiz at a later date. You will receive a list of upcoming courses to register for immediately after failing your quiz (Or you can use your original welcome email to register). Your quiz login credentials will remain the same the second time around.

How long will the quiz be available after the course?

The quiz will be available for 48 hours after the end of the course.

When will I get my quiz results?

Your score will be calculated and you will receive an email immediately after you complete the quiz. You can check your status after taking the quiz at and resend your certification email at any time.

I didn't receive my certification email after completing the quiz. What should I do?

First, check your spam folder. If you still cannot find the email, visit and enter your email. Then, click on the "certification status" tab, select the certificate checkbox on the left, and click "resend". If there is no certification status available, that means that you did not pass the quiz. You can register for a future course from you original welcome email to retake the course and gain access to the quiz again.

Can I receive the recording of the presentation after the course?

Due to the sensitive nature of the content, we will not be presenting participants with a recording after the course has finished. For more information about Flosum, please visit or if you wish to present the solution.

None of the course dates work for me. Will you be scheduling more courses?

Yes, we are always adding new courses. Please check back in another couple weeks to view the new list. You will need to go to and rewquest a new welcome email send. The new email will include the registration links to any new course times that have been added since your last welcome email.

Help! I did not complete my certification quiz within 48 hours of the course. Is it too late to gain access?

Generally, yes. You will need to register for the next available course to receive the new access code and gain access to the quiz again.

We do make exceptions for very specific circumstances where the participant is not at fault. If you believe your case may be one of these situations, please email for assistance.

How can I get access to a Flosum trial org?

If you would like access to a trial org, you must complete the second certification level - Expert. This level of certification will include access to a trial org along with instructions on how to use it.

Where can I download my certificate for future use? How can I verify my certificate's legitimacy?

Please visit, fill in your email, and click "Check status". Your certification will be shown along with your certificate number and issue date. You then have the option to resend the certificate to yourself via email.

Will my certificate expire? What is the re-certification process?

Your certificate will expire one year from the date that you became certified. You will be alerted by email two months before your certificate expires, and will be given instructions via email on how to re-certify as well.

Recommend Flosum Program

What are the details of the Recommend Flosum Program?

After experiencing Flosum during the Certification Course webinar, do you think it can help anyone you know? Make an introduction and receive US$2000 when a company you formally recommend buys Flosum.

Here's how:

1. Fill out the form to share the contact information of a business contact who is in a position to recommend or buy Flosum. Then on the following page, schedule a brief meeting with us to discuss the individual’s or company’s needs.

2. You make an introduction to the person and Flosum takes it from there.

When the company buys Flosum, we pay you US$2000.

Details & Requirements:

- You must schedule a meeting with Flosum to discuss your recommendation.

- Recommendations must result in purchase of 5+ Flosum licences to be eligible for reward.

- Opportunity must successfully close within 6 months of recommendation date.

- There can only be one individual eligible for reward for each recommended company. The first individual to recommend an organization will be the only person eligible for the reward if the opportunity were to close.

How do I refer someone to the Flosum solution?

Once logged into the quiz, click the pink “Recommend Flosum” button at the top of the page and fill out the form, then book a meeting with a Flosum team member to discuss your recommend organization's needs.

If the recommendation is successful and your recommended decision-maker purchases 5+ licenses within 6 months, our team will contact you to let you know know how you will receive the reward.