E.ON, a $90+ billion leading energy company, embarked on a journey to enhance its Salesforce deployment processes to address emerging challenges and streamline development and operations. Recognizing the need for a robust and scalable tool to manage Salesforce releases from the outset, E.ON chose Flosum, a native Salesforce solution, to help them deploy things smoothly and avoid tech problems.

The Challenge: Avoiding Deployment Drift

One of E.ON’s projects, the E.ON Nordic Sales Platform transformation, aimed to use Salesforce. They were eager about the possibilities but cautious about past issues faced by other E.ON teams. E.ON understood they needed to be proactive to make sure deployments were smooth, fast, and secure.

Their primary requirements for a Salesforce rapid deployment tool were to:

  • Prevent Environment Drift: Automatically keep all Salesforce environments in sync to avoid inconsistencies.
  • Facilitate Automated Deployments: Streamline deployments by automating pre/post-deployment tasks and code reviews.
  • Look For An Intuitive UI: Offer a GUI for admins and a CLI option for developers.
  • Facilitate Quick Releases: Reduce the time it takes to release new features and updates.
  • Achieve Quick Conflict Resolution: Help developers quickly identify and resolve code conflicts.


The Flosum Advantage: Easy to use, Native Version Control and Best-in-class Support

E.ON chose Flosum for their Salesforce DevOps needs after careful research. Flosum’s native integration with Salesforce made it stand out, reducing complexity compared to other tools. Its competitive pricing and strong features outshined alternatives like Copado and Autorabit.

  • Pre-deploy Fix: E.ON leverages Flosum's pre-deployment validation capabilities to identify and resolve conflicts or errors before merging code branches, enhancing efficiency and minimizing post-deployment issues.
  • Peer Review: Because Flosum is user-friendly, even reviewers with basic Salesforce knowledge can understand and approve changes. This reduces the burden on reviewers who aren't as skilled in Salesforce.
  • Promote Shift Left:  E.ON’s NSP team aims for 90% code coverage in Flosum to catch issues early, avoiding last-minute problems before the final release. Flosum alerts them early, helping to address issues sooner and avoid delays in the release schedule.


    Version Control and Integrations:

While utilizing Flosum’s native version control functionality, E.ON seamlessly integrates with GitLab for cybersecurity audits. This allows the E.ON team to perform code scans in Clayton using GitLab integration. Once the scan is done, the code is deployed to the staging environment. After thorough testing and approval, E.ON team pushes it to GitLab before final production. making this a seamless automation process.

Also, E.ON leverages Microsoft Teams for streamlined communication and real-time status updates. This helps E.ON in reducing the license cost as not all team members are needed to login to Salesforce to know the deployment status. Everyone gets the latest status from Teams notification about the Salesforce deployment.

Award-winning customer support:

E.ON’s transition to Flosum was smooth, thanks to its intuitive interface and native Salesforce integration. Since their team already knew Salesforce, learning Flosum was quick. With help from Flosum’s support team, E.ON set up their system to fit their goals, starting with something simple. They kept working with Flosum to make sure it met their changing needs.


  • Early error detection: Pre-deploy checks identify conflicts and errors before merging code, saving time.
  • Improved code quality: Apex code scans ensure code coverage requirements are met.
  • Simplified peer reviews: Non-technical users can review code using Flosum's intuitive interface.
  • Increased visibility: Integration with Microsoft Teams keeps everyone informed about deployment status.
  • Reduced costs: Flosum's native version control eliminates the need for additional licenses.
  • Faster onboarding: Easy-to-use interface simplifies onboarding for new developers.
  • Reduced manual effort: Integrations with GitLab and Jira automate tasks and improve workflow.


Joakim Rengbrandt

Project Manager, E.ON

At E.ON, we were starting fresh with Salesforce and instantly we knew that we needed a tool to avoid deployment headaches down the road. Flosum's native Salesforce offering was a game-changer. It was very easy to set up and use compared to other options. Onboarding was smooth, and new developers found it easy to dive in. Integrations like Microsoft Teams keep everyone in the loop, even without Flosum access, creating a single source of centralized truth for our team. We now deploy faster, with better code quality, saving time and money. If you're considering a DevOps tool for Salesforce, I highly recommend Flosum. It's a no-brainer.