Compliance and Time Gains with Flosum 



The largest online retail mortgage lender needed a Salesforce DevOps tool that would enable their fluctuating team to work seamlessly while maintaining a strict compliance environment. Flosum solved their cross-organizational development challenges and allowed them to find time savings too.  



The organization, which has closed more than $1 trillion in home loans, was struggling with their Salesforce environments. With more than 120 people making changes using traditional cross-platform tools, the work had become slow and cumbersome due to overwrite challenges and out-of-sync orgs. For added complication, the financial nature of the company’s work required strict compliance and detailed documentation. A new approach was needed.  



The lender turned to Flosum after a recommendation from its sister company. Now, instead of a fractured approach, each of their development teams uses a shared sandbox. Teams ebb and flow within this company depending on current needs, and Flosum allows them to easily track all the activities. Previously, teams were taking snapshots daily because there were so many changes that needed to be tracked. That process is now greatly simplified, as they can use automated component retrieval to pull changes. One Flosum tool they utilize often is the feature branch, which allows them to pull in changes by org then review and resolve conflicts on a feature-by-feature basis. 


For compliance, a two-pronged approval approach that includes both the senior tech lead and senior architect is required. Flosum facilitates this process as well as peer reviews. Once code is approved, they can easily apply changes and do a merge to ensure they don’t overwrite against others. The pipeline feature automates deployment, and everything stays within SalesForce ecosystem to further safeguard security. 



The lending company’s development work has been greatly streamlined. Thanks to Flosum, their development needs are met without having to introduce a Git-based tool. Overwrites have been eliminated, and teams can safely work without fear of code conflicts. Compliance requirements are now easily met as the Flosum workflow enables the appropriate approvals at each stage of the process. Supervisors are further able to ensure compliance by making sure the team is working inside of Flosum, managing permissions and seeing who has access to which org. This setup is easy to share with their security team so all the compliance boxes are checked. And by utilizing automated deployments to the production environment, teams no longer have to babysit each one, saving hours per deployment. 


What could your team do with that kind of time savings?