One of the top five U.S. hospital systems has trusted Flosum Release
Management for years to improve release quality by quickly identifying and avoiding
problems, enabling quick recovery, and demystifying Salesforce’s unique development


Historically, this company struggled with a number of issues that often plague
development teams. A lack of visibility into differences and dependencies led to costly
overwrites, errors and bugs in releases. Permissions were extremely difficult to manage
even with many manual hours of coding, opening the door for governance and
compliance risks. The impacts from these challenges were felt internally and externally,
as end users became increasingly frustrated and developers disliked the high-pressure


Native infrastructure was an important consideration for the organization due to data
sensitivities and strict HIPPA requirements, making Flosum a natural choice. Soon, the
other benefits of Flosum became apparent as well. Flosum Impact Analysis was a game
changer, helping them identify dependencies, avoid overwrites, and provide visibility
into changes. Admins could now easily manage profiles and permissions with a friendly
powerful comparison utility. And, thanks to one click rollback, users were no longer
impacted by new release issues.


The transition to Flosum was easy and created quick value for the hospital system. They
appreciated Flosum’s deep knowledge of the unique Salesforce platform, allowing them
to enjoy improved release quality and quick recovery without a lengthy learning curve.

Now their developers are free to focus on creating end user value.