An agency of the U.S. Department of Defense turned to Flosum Release Management
& Data Migration to enable a new human resources application while coordinating
development efforts with three SI partners and maintaining compliance with strict
governance and security standards. Not only did they stay on a tight schedule and meet
their deadline, they achieved greater efficiency and faster deployments.


The agency needed to retire an old HR tool and move to a new system, all on a very
aggressive timeline with no room for error. Both systems contained highly confidential
information, and it was crucial that their chosen DevOps tool not jeopardize the tight
security standards of the Government Cloud. Adding to the complexity was the fact that
multiple consulting companies were working on the project, so user-friendly release
collaboration and automation tools were essential.


Flosum was the only option that was approved to meet the agency’s very tight security
standards because its100% native architecture — not just a UI layer like other
AppExchange DevOps products — ensured no metadata or data would ever leave the
Government Cloud. The native version control and flexible release pipeline kept the
project on schedule while reducing manual efforts, creating a quick time to value while
empowering disparate developers and admins with flexible, easily automated branching
and pipelines.


The agency hit their launch timeline with no delays due to common release
management challenges. Flosum has virtually eliminated code overwrites while
improving release manager productivity 8x. Developers can produce 60% more
development work since they spend less time managing version control, which enables
releases to occur twice as frequently with 72% faster deployment. Flosum enables
software branches, repeatable deployments, quick impact analysis, code merging and
pull requests, and runs completely within the IL-4 accreditation boundary. Parallel
deployment is working great, as Flosum streamlines code merges, makes conflict
management easier than any other tool, and improves quality of deployments.

Due to the great success of this project, the agency has expanded the use of Flosum
into many other departments within the agency.