Gnana Silaparasetti
Gnana Silaparasetti

Flosum has been such an easy way to deploy Salesforce components compared with traditional change sets. In addition, Flosum provides a complete, native version control. Flosum enables a lot of flexibility as a result of being natively built on the Salesforce platform; this allows easier customization of your own release management process. The Flosum team has been really supportive, helping us get us onboarded, answering all of our questions, and helping us ramp quickly with the tool.

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Advantages for Release Managers

Last Minute

Merge multiple user stories into one common deployment with the ability to drop user stories from the deployment at the last minute.


Rollback unwanted deployments with just one click to prevent production catastrophes.


Prevent unauthorized deployments with controls that ensure only authorized users can deploy to an org.


Use advanced deployments such as Quick deploy and Fast Deploy to reduce deployment time.


Everything your team needs to release faster, with less errors so you can spend more time innovating and less time doing admin work.

Audit Trail

See who worked on what and when with a complete audit trail of changes made in the code.

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