DHI Group, Inc. DHI Group, Inc. (NYSE: DHX) is comprised of the Dice.com and Clearancejobs.com brands. As a leading provider of career marketplaces for technology professionals and professionals with federal government security clearance, we are digitally-focused and provide recruitment platforms used by leading employers and job applicants for career knowledge, work, and news discussions.

The DHI mission is to “enable technology and federal government professionals and organizations to make the best career connections through indispensable career marketplaces.”


DHI Group services multiple markets in different regions and needed a solution to standardize the development lifecycle release process. The process included the initial requirements and user stories being built, heavily tested, UAT’d, then ultimately released with the proper quality controls and continuous process improvements in place. After organizing and documenting the development lifecycle, the DHI Salesforce team recognized a need for a CI/CD tool to help manage their new process. DHI Group went to the market to look for a tool that could help implement and streamline this process while giving them complete management over it.


After looking for the best CI/CD tools in the market and narrowing down their options, DHI Group selected Flosum as the solution that would best suit their needs. With Flosum, they now have the ability to segment releases and have multiple releases lined up at once. They are also able to do more analysis, minimize conflicts and errors, and keep their releases in sync. These changes are crucial as DHI Group uses multiple release managers that cycle through releases.

Flosum allowed DHI Group to fine-tune their process, improve communication within their process, and achieve a high amount of visibility. This enabled DHI Group to have full control of their releases and their administrator’s developer’s became more efficient while effectively executing software releases.


Flosum’s solution aligned extremely well with DHI Group’s development lifecycle. Not only were they able to achieve more orchestrated releases, their development team was able to significantly reduce working time and operational costs.

Nelson Huffman
Nelson Huffman

Development Manager at DHI Group

Flosum’s support is highly responsive and when we needed something, it got done really quickly. In addition, the team was able to quickly adopt the Flosum tool and realize immediate benefits. They felt that Flosum was easy to use and this partnership worked really well.”