The most application delivery platform for Salesforce.

The only 100% native solution for Salesforce

Transformational Collaborationto Improve Across the Board Productivity

Provides a common platform for developers, QA, admins, and release managers to work together through the entire project lifecycle.

Version ControlBuilt from the Ground Up

Built from the ground up to ease and automate merging files, Lightning Components, static resources, and much more.

Democratize YourApplication Development

Let your citizen developers and business users modify applications. If your team can use Salesforce, they can use Flosum.

Complete Solutionfor the Entire Team

Flosum is much more than a deployment solution. Flosum is the complete application lifecycle management solution from the ideation phase, configuration phase, merging, testing, and deployment.

Designed withSecurity in Mind

Make your CISO happy. Built on the Salesforce trusted security protocol, Flosum can meet all of your security requirements.

Compliance for Healthcare& Financial Service Cloud

Flosum is designed to meet your compliance standards, including industry, geographical, and other legislative requirements.

Our Results

Our results speak for themselves. Flosum has shown to provably lower the total cost of ownership, increase developer efficiency, deliver more features, and reduce compliance costs.
32%LowerCost of Ownership
29%Increasein Developer Efficiency
41%MoreFeatures Delivered
54%Reductionof Compliance Costs