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A true end-to-end Salesforce application lifecycle management solution, Flosum manages ideation, environment management, data migration, conflict management, code repository, regression testing, and more.

But as the only native solution on the market, Flosum just works better. Our unique NativeRelease© experience raises the bar for easier, faster, more secure, more dream-worthy deployments in ways you’ve only imagined.

What NativeRelease© means for you 

Flosum with NativeRelease©Other Salesforce Release solutions
Version Control that works for declarative development
Smoothly handles merging of declarative, programmatic, and complex components.
Built for Lightning Development
Easily handles every Salesforce component type
Fully integrated with GIT
Full functionality in a native version control
No GIT required
Integrates with literally everything
As a native app, we leverage Salesforce’s integration ability seamlessly
No learning curve
Uses Salesforce UI even for complex tasks, no new training required.
Democratize application development
Citizen developers know Salesforce so they already know Flosum
Easily extensible and customizable
Extend and customize using Salesforce, a technology you’re already expert in.
As secure as Salesforce
No open IPs. No access to your production org. Your data never leaves Salesforce.

Our Results

Our results speak for themselves. Flosum has shown to provably lower the total cost of ownership, increase developer efficiency, deliver more features, and reduce compliance costs.


Lower cost of ownership


Increase in developer efficiency


More features delivered


Reduction of compliance costs

Amazon testimonial

Gnana Silaparasetti

Salesforce Architect, Amazon

Flosum has been such an easy way to deploy Salesforce components compared with traditional change sets. In addition, Flosum provides a complete, native version control. Flosum enables a lot of flexibility as a result of being natively built on the Salesforce platform; this allows easier customization of your own release management process.

Citrix testimonial

Sindhuja Gurumurthy

Senior Manager, Salesforce CRM Practice at Citrix Systems

With Flosum we simplified our release process from 12 steps to 5 simple steps… achieving a 40% operational efficiency increase, better reporting capabilities and dependable backups with no manual activities. Overall a cleaner implementation with better unit testing.

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