Data  Masking


Support privacy and compliance by effectively anonymizing all sensitive data inside non-production environments.

Develop your application on real data

Develop your application
on real data

Populate sandboxes with realistic fictional data for safer test environments and better test results.

Migrate data  upstream

Migrate data

Migrate relational data from lower sandboxes to higher sandboxes.


Support for Appexchange packages

Support for all appexchange packages including Commerce cloud, CPQ and others.

Salesforce CPQ
Salesforce Commerce Cloud
With 100% Native Salesforce Solution

A rock-solid Agile LIfecycle Management solution that everyone on our team (admins, BAs, developers) can use quickly and effectively to manage version control, access control (no more phantom changeset deployments to restricted testing sandboxes or Prod!), continuous integration, impact analysis prior to deployment, full rollback control, and release management between all our orgs. We have seen a MASSIVE decrease in bugs and lifecycle velocity as a result. What takes 6+ hrs/week with Git now happens in minutes or happens automatically for us. If you're still using Bitbucket / Git / Pipelines to manage your Salesforce environments, you are throwing away money, get a trial of Flosum going ASAP.

Michael DeMeglio
Michael DeMeglio

Sr Salesforce Developer / Architect, American Red Cross

Salesforce native platform that's intuitive and offers a plethora of tools and features to migrate config, components, as well as data. Gives Copada a run for their money!

Aleena N
Aleena N

I have been using the Github tool for a long time which caused issues, manual and tedious work as it is no native to Salesforce. Switched to Flosum for its unique solution and it could easily be installed from Salesforce appexchange. It is native to Salesforce and the UI is familiar. The implementation is faster than any other release management tool.

Deekshitha Nandimandalam
Deekshitha Nandimandalam

Master's degree at University College Cork

Flossum is awesome DevOps tool. I recommend use this tool for all Salesforce Deployment and Dataload activities.

Pramod V
Pramod V

Senior Software Engineer at Legato Health Technologies

Implement Zero-Trust Access for your Salesforce Instance

Identify, analyze, and remediate security threats.

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