For enterprises leveraging Salesforce, AccelQ offers a range of powerful tools for salesforce release management, salesforce data backup and recovery, and salesforce security. With its unified, cloud-based platform, AccelQ simplifies the complexities associated with managing, testing, and securing Salesforce environments.

Salesforce Release Management

As Salesforce projects and applications continue to evolve and scale, so does the need for streamlined release management. With AccelQ, users may quickly safely execute and deploy Salesforce deployments and projects releases. Its automated testing capabilities help eliminate manual effort with easy-to-create, comprehensive test scripts.

With its unified platform, users can test across multiple stages of the release process, while also taking advantage of dependency analysis, regression testing, and integration test automation. Additionally, AccelQ enables users to automatically detect performance issues and fix them prior to production deployments. As expected, AccelQ provides detailed reports throughout the process in order to promote full visibility and transparency.

Salesforce Data Backup and Recovery

By automatically backing up and restoring data with AccelQ, users always have stable and secure Salesforce environments. With its cloud-based platform, users can quickly and easily create, schedule, and manage regular backups of their Salesforce orgs. AccelQ’s automated backups are performed online and at near-zero downtime, ensuring the integrity of all existing data. And with AccelQ, users can restore a Salesforce org or environment to any desired point of time with ease.

Salesforce Security

To ensure firewall-level protection for Salesforce applications, AccelQ provides tools for Salesforce security management. Its automated security validation enables users to identify and fix any threats within existing Salesforce environments. From user access management to data validation and encryption, AccelQ uses best-in-class security controls to manage enterprise-level Salesforce security. Additionally, its intuitive user interface promotes rapid adoption, making the security setup process more intuitive and easier to manage.


By leveraging AccelQ, enterprises are able to streamline and protect their Salesforce environments while also increasing operational efficiency and data security. Its automated security validation and customizable data backup capabilities make AccelQ the perfect complement to any Salesforce organization. Eliminating manual processes and reducing manual effort, AccelQ can help enterprises keep a step ahead of their competition.




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Faizan Ali

Faizan Ali
Salesforce Consultant at Turnitin