In the world of Salesforce data management, satisfaction with data backup and recovery solutions varies significantly between end-users and those responsible for strategic decisions.

Recent data reveals a striking contrast: approximately 63% of Salesforce users rate their current enterprise backup solution as "very good" or "excellent," while technical evaluators and decision-makers tend to assess their data backup as "average" or "below par."



This stark discrepancy highlights a crucial issue - the definition of a complete backup solution may not always align between those responsible for data management and those making strategic decisions.

Understanding the Gap: Shared Responsibility in Salesforce Security

One key factor contributing to the confusion between users and decision-makers is the varying levels of understanding within different teams regarding the concept of Shared Responsibility in Salesforce Security. The State of Data Backup and Recovery report found that 55% of respondents were familiar with this concept.

Salesforce's Shared Responsibility model challenges the common misconception that organizations bear no responsibility for Software as a Service (SaaS) tools. Instead, Salesforce subscribes to the notion that both the platform provider and the organization share responsibilities for data security, including backup and recovery. Here's what this means:

Salesforce's Role: Salesforce provides a secure platform and environment, ensuring infrastructure security, data center security, and platform-level security.

Organization's Role: However, the onus of securing data, metadata, backup, restoration, and access rests with the organization. This entails setting up and maintaining security configurations, access controls, and backup procedures to protect their data effectively.

Salesforce Security Complexity

Salesforce security is a multifaceted and multi-layered concept. It's easy to misinterpret or overlook certain aspects without proper safeguards in place. One of the most significant risks organizations face is during migration processes, where new configurations can lead to system downtime and lost opportunities.



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