The Cloud is becoming a key mechanism in digital transformation and for protecting data. Salesforce’s click not code or the low code approach is fast emerging, popular not only in app development but also for data protection or recovery as a service.

The latest ESG survey reveals that businesses today recognize the need for intelligent data management. Therefore, a backup solution today needs to meet not just the tactical requirements but offer you intelligent data management as well. According to the study, 21% of enterprises are planning to implement cloud-based disaster recovery as a service to protect themselves against on-premise applications.

Organizations realize that data is growing exponentially and with every customer interaction, more data is created. This in turn is creating the need for more data backups. Managing data backup as well as leveraging that data by making reuse of it is critical to succeed. So, how can your enterprise maximize your data investment? Let’s find out:

3 Ways to Maximize Your Salesforce Data Protection Investment

Can you abdicate your responsibility for your data and metadata that is in SaaS? The answer is always a resounding no! Just because your data is in SaaS does not guarantee that your data will not be lost and therefore you have to be able to provide a great level of protection for your data. The majority of organizations who have faced a data loss event agree that 59% of their mission critical data was lost within the first 15 minutes, causing significant impact to the business.

As cloud data protection goes mainstream, you are responsible for the backup as well as management and compliance of the data. Therefore, a simple backup solution is simply not sufficient! Companies today look for a solution to enable access to data for various departments such as provide data governance/ control of data for compliance purpose as also automate workflow to provide secondary access. Here are ways to maximize Salesforce Data Protection Investment.

  1. A Salesforce Data Backup and Recovery Solution that goes above and beyond

Organizations of course want a backup solution to help them deliver on their tactical obligation of backing up, archiving, restoring, data to mitigate risk and ensure business continuity. But now companies want to further leverage their backup data for usage beyond tactical obligations. Since a backup solution captures every version of your data, how can you use it downstream to meet the different requirements of people in analytics, operations and other departments to make sure it becomes their source of truth?

  1. A solution that helps your data stay compliant and manage better while being cost effective:

Reports reveal that every 1TB of data turns into 8 or 9 TB of data. As data is replicated, so is the cost of managing the data, maintaining the access controls, the regulatory compliances and business problems. Somebody has to pay for it, whether through the cloud or other storage methods. While it good to have multiple copies of data, it can be a major burden on your Salesforce org. This often translates into a cost nightmare as well as that of compliance and management. You must ensure that each of those copies are compliant, where they are used or not.

  1. Ability to resuse data for intelligent data management to positively impact your business’s success

More than one third or organizations view data reuse as a top five data protection investment priority! Moreover, a more recent study reveals that major secondary data use cases include cybersecurity testing/ sandboxing (35%), data compliance testing and reporting (33%), and BC/DR testing (35%). Similarly, the data is also copied and leveraged by DevOps for use by application developers and the analytics team for data mining of offline copies. Cumulatively, secondary data reuse generates broad benefits to the business such as greater business agility (29%), lower operational cost (28%), higher efficiency and greater data divisibility as well as greater resilience to cyber-attacks among others.

Your data is an asset! And a robust backup solution for your historical data helps create a foundation for your organization’s future. Of course, companies today want their backed-up data to deliver on the tactical obligations, but they are also starting to think, “How can I reduce the burden of cost on the business itself and leverage the data downstream as well.” Thus, your backup solution needs to offer more than just real-time recovery or backup access to your data.

Making Salesforce Data Backup, Reuse and Recovery Fast, Easy and Hassle Free

Flosum’s enterprise-grade Data Backup and Recovery Solution for companies running provides organizations with a means to keep control of data and eliminate data loss due to human error, security breaches, bad code, and other factors that will inevitably compromise data.

With automated or scheduled backups, data comparison, and full or partial restore options, it enables organizations to stay both GDPR and CCPA compliant. It was engineered to be easily set up, and work seamlessly within the DevOps processes enterprises already have in place so that teams can work efficiently without risking their organization’s assets.


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Faizan Ali

Faizan Ali
Salesforce Consultant at Turnitin