When utilizing Salesforce data backup and recovery solutions, enterprises must object to the idea of placing their valuable data in the hands of third-party service providers and entrusting them the task of data security. But, with ‘Bring Your Own Key’ (BYOK) as the recommended approach, enterprises have an alternative to increase the security of their data even with an outside service provider.

The BYOK approach is centered on an enterprise’s direct control on the encryption key, which is used for encrypting the Salesforce data before it is stored with the service provider. The encrypted data is only available for a client after the service provider has authenticated the same key provided by the client at the encryption stage. The key is usually stored in the client's infrastructure and brought by the client itself during each data encryption process. This serves as a dual layer of protection unless the key residing with the service provider is used.

As the customer is solely responsible for the encryption key, only the customer - and no external party - can potentially access the encrypted data. The customer has complete control over where to store the key and who exactly can utilize it. In addition, the key can also be revoked at any instance if the customer feels the need for an extra layer of security.

Furthermore, as an added protection, most Salesforce release management solutions now allow customers to embed their own encryption key. Embedding this key has the advantage of allowing customers to encrypt their data directly when creating Salesforce backup. This helps save the time needed to encrypt the data later when using an independent encryption key from the BYOK approach.

At i2V Solutions, we provide our enterprise customers the flexibility of using either BYOK or embedded encryption key for the protection of their Salesforce data. Depending on the customer’s preferences, our Salesforce backup and recovery experts can assist our customers to choose the approach that best meets their data security needs.

Most importantly, when considering a Salesforce release management or data backup and recovery solution, it is essential to verify the service provider’s approach to keeping your data secure. With BYOK and other integrated encryption procedures, enterprises can rest assured that their data is always safe and protected.




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Faizan Ali
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