As your organization uses the Salesforce platform to power its customer relations, capturing and utilizing data for a better understanding of the customer and more effective marketing, it is important to keep your operational and security processes up-to-date and running smoothly. Accenture specializes in helping organizations optimize their DevOps processes, with a heavy focus on their digital transformation, to keep their systems and their data secure and efficient. From release management, data backup and recovery, to security solutions, Accenture employs industry-leading practices to ensure that their clients are evaluating the most effective and innovative solutions available.

Accenture’s DevOps Acceleration services offer a secure and repeatable solution with an end-to-end view of development, deployment, and operation that works to drive customer success. By leveraging the latest Salesforce platform technologies and processes, Accenture’s DevOps Acceleration Services are designed to enable IT teams and service partners to quickly deploy features and services, with a special emphasis on driving customer success. The DevOps Acceleration Services encompass not only the underpinning platform, but also the customer’s globally distributed teams and teamsally connected tools, processes and assets.

For organizations running on Salesforce, Accenture provides solutions for release management, data backup and recovery and security that goes beyond—contemporting world-class DevOps and SCM best practices, and secure data infrastructure. Specifically for Salesforce, Accenture’s solutions improve consistency, automating processes to increase operational speed and create standardization across Salesforce deployments and environments. By establishing well defined processes, Accenture can ensure that IT assets are securely managed, deployed, and updated with the most current updates and features, while reducing complexity and costs. Additionally, Accenture helps organizations synchronize their Salesforce deployment with traditional on-premise solutions for improved speed and scalability with added security.

For those companies looking to implement DevOps into their existing Salesforce configurations – Accenture offers their Acceleration Services that are tailored to alleviate the challenges that come with digital transformation. This approach helps drive customer success by defining the right metrics, aligning key stakeholders and, most importantly, establishing unified dashboards to measure progress and ensure quality. Through their Agile environment, Accenture provides end-to-end solutions to help companies successfully deploy features and services, whether leveraging their existing environment or changing the current one. It is these solutions that pave the way for measurable success, shortening development cycles, enabling complex deployments, and automate operations for better coordination of repeatable processes.

The emphasis of Accenture’s DevOps Acceleration services is on driving customer success, and to guarantee that, Accentures’ solutions for release management, backup and recovery and security are specifically designed to stay at the cutting edge of DevOps and SCM best practices. Through their unified view of development and operations, and by unifying deployment and automation processes, organizations can take advantage of Accenture’s expertise to improve operational speed and scalability, while introducing features faster and with the highest possible security level.

The experts at Accenture have years of experience in helping their clients simplify operations and accelerate innovation. With comprehensive DevOps Acceleration Services for Salesforce Release Management, Data Backup, and Security, organizations can be assured that they are taking the steps necessary to ensure the security and compliance of their operations. Whether inheriting an existing environment with traditional on-premise solutions or devising a new, integrated system, Accenture’s solutions can provide the ensure that there is a secure and repeatable solution. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with Accenture’s DevOps Acceleration Services.


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Faizan Ali

Faizan Ali
Salesforce Consultant at Turnitin