A large HVAC manufacturer running large parts of its business on Salesforce needed a DevOps solution that simplified and consolidated their development work without forcing them into a single branch release pipeline. Flosum met them where they were and gave them the tools and resources to efficiently deliver business results.

For this large HVAC manufacturer, Salesforce is mission critical. That’s because this company runs its entire sales and service business – literally thousands and thousands of users spanning internal developers as well as external consultants and dealers – on Salesforce, and any issue or outage comes with both business and financial
repercussions. Their development team is separate by design to support the needs of the business; each business unit has its own IT development group with their own testing and production schedule.

With multiple projects always in play, overwrites and post-production conflicts were a frequent frustration that slowed productivity. And, the group had no standards for code quality; inconsistent naming and code conventions created confusion and unnecessary manual labor. This large and diverse setup required a solution that would modernize
their older processes and empower their teams to maintain independent workflows without conflicts or overwrites.

The flexibility and features of Flosum have been just the ticket for this group. The challenges with inconsistency and poor code quality have been revolved with a multi-level code review and review mechanism. Now, each team goes through peer reviews before merging and deployment then tests within individual QA environments. Finally, they receive enterprise approval before moving to higher-level release process.

With multiple teams on different delivery timelines and test schedules, they needed a tool with flexibility that allowed them to progress code at the right point in time. Some teams deliver once a week, some two times per week, and others when project is ready. With this setup, they needed the flexibility to deploy any team branch when needed.
Flosum offers them this capability, unlike Git which does not have this flexibility. With Git, one branch can cause a bottleneck for others, as it’s necessary to push all branches at once instead of one at a time. This team’s setup would clog a Git pipeline

within a month, preventing teams from deploying and significantly slowing down the business. Flosum’s flexibility is a much better option for their business needs.

With more than two years of success, Flosum has enabled this company to organize development in a way that makes sense for their business units. Now multiple delivery teams – both internal and external – can work together in one platform and advance their code based on business timelines instead of system limitations. They don’t have to fall into an ordered pattern or adjust based on other teams’ timelines.

Additionally, everyone is now conforming to the same code quality and standard expectations. Flosum has created the visibility their enterprise architecture team needed to have insight into all the delivery groups, resulting in better quality and organization.

With a smoother deployment process and better code quality, everything is running smoothly for this large company. Instead of losing time reworking code in post- production to fix issues and problem solves, they can focus their time where it’s needed most: driving business value.

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“Flosum is the best native release management tool that you will fall in love with. I have gained confidence in my role and has given me the ability to view release management from a whole different perspective.”

Faizan Ali

Faizan Ali
Salesforce Consultant at Turnitin