G2, the leading B2B technology review platform, just release their Winter 2021 Grid, and we are excited to announce that Flosum has been named a Momentum Leader for all 3 categories we fall in – Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration and DevOps. Products in the top 25% of their category are named Leaders in these grids.

This is a huge honor for us, as our ranking is defined by our customers and their satisfaction of the product.

This review from our customer says it all:

“Native Salesforce UI makes learning and adopting Flosum very easy. Powerful change management and DevOps functionality are second to none. A rock-solid Agile Lifecycle Management solution that everyone on our team (admins, BAs, developers) can use quickly and effectively to manage version control, access control (no more phantom changeset deployments to restricted testing sandboxes or Prod!), continuous integration, impact analysis prior to deployment, full rollback control, and release management between all our orgs. We have seen a MASSIVE decrease in bugs and lifecycle velocity as a result. What takes 6+ hrs/week with Git now happens in minutes or happens automatically for us. If you’re still using Bitbucket / Git / Pipelines to manage your Salesforce environments, you are throwing away money, get a trial of Flosum going ASAP.”

We want to thank all our customers who have shared their experiences so we could be nominated.

How Customers are Using a Native DevOps Solution to Transform their Organization


All of your interactions with Flosum happen within your Salesforce environment. Because Flosum is a Salesforce-native application, these interactions are guarded by Salesforce’s security protocols – there’s no need to create additional blacklists or other safeguards. Salesforce’s security protocols also mandates that all native applications get certified and Salesforce will only certify applications that are native to the platform.

Data Integrity

As a Salesforce-native application, Flosum never moves your customer data onto other platforms. With Flosum, you do not have to worry about where your data is — in movement or at rest. A native platform will keep all your data within the Salesforce firewall and not have a backdoor to get access to your data. Everything stays within Salesforce and you have total control and visibility of that data.

Salesforce UI

Your Salesforce development solution should not require developers to either learn an obscure CLI or to make multiple cloud hops to execute deliverables. Flosum has been built from the ground up with the realities of developers in the forefront. That’s why we’ve adopted the Salesforce UX and made it possible to utilize programmatic and declarative language. It’s also why we’ve created a semantic bullet-proofing mechanism that makes it simple to resolve code conflicts.

Investing in a Native platform is the best choice for any development team and organization. It provides the security organizations need, the UI developers are used to working on and doesn’t compromise the data being stored. When these three components line-up, organizations will see reduction of code errors in production resulting in- time saved, increased revenues, increased innovation, increased productivity and much more.


“Flosum is the best native release management tool that you will fall in love with. I have gained confidence in my role and has given me the ability to view release management from a whole different perspective.”

Faizan Ali

Faizan Ali
Salesforce Consultant at Turnitin