The Disconnect: Perception vs. Reality

According to recent findings, a significant disconnect exists within organizations when it comes to the readiness of their Salesforce data backup and recovery solutions. While a staggering 80% of Salesforce users claim to have a data backup solution in place, only 50% of decision-makers concur. This discrepancy highlights a critical issue - what constitutes a complete backup solution may not always align between those responsible for data management and those entrusted with making strategic decisions.



Key Reasons for the Disconnect

To bridge this gap and ensure your Salesforce data is safeguarded, it's essential to understand the key reasons behind this disconnect:

Partial Knowledge from Out-of-the-Box Solutions: Many organizations rely on out-of-the-box Salesforce solutions for data backup, assuming they are fully covered. However, these solutions often provide only partial knowledge, giving users a false sense of security.

Complex Recovery Scenarios: Complex enterprise-wide recoveries are typically handled by technical specialists rather than end-users. This shift in responsibility can lead to confusion and miscommunication regarding data recovery procedures.

Diverse Needs and Challenges: Salesforce is a complex environment with numerous options, challenges, and missing key features in out-of-the-box solutions. These often fail to align with an organization's specific business need or compliance requirements such as being hosted off the salesforce platform to have redundancy. 

RPO and RTO Requirements: Technical evaluators and decision-makers must interface with business units that have specific Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) requirements. Out-of-the-box solutions may not adequately meet these demands.

Incomplete Data Coverage: Not all data types and objects within Salesforce are covered by default backup solutions. Neglecting to back up critical data components can lead to irreparable data loss.

Lack of Evaluation and Testing: Recovery processes are not regularly evaluated or tested as part of an organization's ongoing KPIs. This oversight can leave organizations vulnerable in the event of a data disaster.

How do I address the gaps?


Comprehensive Backup Solutions: Invest in comprehensive Salesforce backup solutions that cover all data types and objects, ensuring nothing is left vulnerable. Understand compliance requirements, business needs and what is the impact of not being able to store backups off Salesforce Platform. 

RPO and RTO Alignment: Collaborate closely with business units to define and align RPO and RTO requirements, ensuring that your backup and recovery strategy meets these crucial objectives.

Regular Testing: Implement a regular testing regimen for data recovery procedures to validate their effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

User Training and Awareness: Educate end-users about the limitations of out-of-the-box solutions and the importance of data backup best practices.




In the world of Salesforce data management, the disconnect between perception and reality regarding data backup and recovery solutions can have severe consequences. Decision-makers and technical evaluators must take proactive steps to bridge this gap and ensure that their organization's data is secure, recoverable, and aligned with business needs. By addressing the key reasons behind this disconnect and implementing a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy, organizations can navigate the complex Salesforce environment with confidence, knowing their data is safe from harm. Stay tuned for the next installment of our blog series, where we will delve deeper into the CIO's guide to Salesforce data security.



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