Profiles in Salesforce are an integral part of data security and audit, a key component of enterprise-levelreleases of, and an ultimate toolbox for meeting regulatory compliance demands. As a software provider of salesforce release management, data backup, and security solutions, we understand the criticality of a secure data presence.

SalesForce profiles allow system administrators to limit access to areas of the platform for authorized users, ensuring data security from foreign entities or further security breaches. With the release of SalesForce’s Spring '19 release, profiles increased their capabilities, allowing administrators to control objects in record-level security. This feature enables users to modify and work with records they have access to (or have created) without the ability to modify other data.

Besides controlling access to objects, profiles can be used to limit the visibility of data stored in the platform. Through configuration of the profiles, administrators can restrict the type of data (fields, reports, records, etc.) that users with access to a certain profile are able to view. Administrators can configure which profiles are visible to certain users, meaning that users at different levels or with different responsibilities have access to the same portal but different data sets.

Organizations benefit from profiles in Salesforce becausethey empower administrators to ensure that each user only has access to the data sets and operations they need to conduct. Risk is decreased when certain sensitive data is only visible to a certain type of user. Furthermore, profiles increase transparency and oversight, especially when using the Salesforce User Activity Monitoring & Reporting feature. Administrators can track which users have accessed which data sets and records, making them immensely useful in compliance and auditing processes.

Finally, profiles allow integration of additional security layers, outside the network perimeter. Administrators can closely control access to third-party applications and services with Salesforce profiles, ensuring corporate data is not exposed to unauthorized entities. Without profile management, it would be a challenge to ensure all corporate accounts are secure and access to private data is restricted.

Though they are relatively simple to use, profiles offer extensive advantages to an enterprise. They are a fundamental component of a secure Salesforce deployment, such as required for regulated data in healthcare or finance, and their complexity allows administrators to customize data security levels depending on the data or user. Even if your organization does not require an extensively secure platform, profiles in SalesForce can provide ease of access and oversight for data stored in the platform.


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