Big Objects are a powerful type of storage for enterprises that deal with high volumes of data. They are useful for storing large amounts of data effortlessly and quickly, allowing companies to execute data-driven operations. Additionally, Big Objects and Salesforce Release Management (SRM) integration offer a powerful combination of security and scalability. SRM makes managing Big Objects in Salesforce more secure, efficient, and effective by providing reliable datastore backup and restoration capability, backup security with encryption, and automated-schedules for data retention.

One of the biggest benefits of Big Object and SRM integration is in the backup and recovery aspect. Salesforce Data Backup and Recovery technology supports Big Object archiving by securely compressing data into efficient files that can be securely stored, encrypted, and restored within minutes, protecting critical data assets. Additionally, SRM can leverage Salesforce’s rich API and interfaces to integrate Big Object data seamlessly with other Salesforce applications, ensuring secure data movement between Salesforce instances without compromising sensitive data.

In addition to backup and recovery with Big Objects and SRM integration, companies can also benefit from enhanced Salesforce Security. SRM’s integration with Big Object allows for automated encryption of Big Object data. This ensures that all data is secure and protected against malicious attack or inadvertent alteration or deletion. Automated encryption also prevents unauthorised access of Big Object data and protects data by ensuring only approved users are able to access it.

Finally, integrating Big Object and Salesforce Release Management offers automated data retention schedules that can be tailored to the company’s requirements. This ensures that data remains secure and up-to-date over time, ensuring the accuracy of reporting and support solutions as the amount of stored data changes. Automated retention also prevents creation of duplicate data entries, environmental changes, or multiple versions of backups.

Big Object and Salesforce Release Management Integration allow companies to better leverage the power of Big Objects by providing reliable, secure and cost-effective solutions. It provides the necessary tools to ensure data is accurately archived, protected and backed up. It also ensures that data remains secure and up-to-date for easy retrieval and reporting. By seamlessly integrating Big Object and SRM, companies can maximize the potential of their Big Object architecture without compromising on security and scalability.


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Faizan Ali
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