As Salesforce admins and developers, we’re all familiar with the sense of anxiety and discomfort when we hear, ‘Code Overwrites’.

The painful task of closely reading and looking for small mistakes can slow down the developer velocity of even many high-performing Salesforce DevOps teams.

Quality of code, especially in Salesforce, is critical in determining the project’s health. Today, with multiple teams working on multiple features in different sandboxes, merge conflicts are unavoidable, and code overwriting can often cause you to lose critical metadata. Merge conflicts also take time to resolve!

Although existing DevOps solutions in the market do offer synchronization tools, these are mostly pretty basic. As a result, you may often end up overwriting or losing code if you do not synchronize regularly. Flosum’s Overwrite Protection with one-click ‘Org Impact Analysis’ helps you avoid unintended overwrites so you never overwrite code again.

Automatically Resolve Merge Conflicts In Just 1-Click with Flosum’s Overwrite Protection

Flosum automatically detects and allows you to resolve merge conflicts with just a single click. With automatic merge conflict resolution you can resolve any conflicts in code seamlessly to increase the quality of your Salesforce code. Performing Flosum’s Org Impact Analysis prior to every deployment will surface potential overwrites and allow the user to merge and resolve the issue on the spot.

Flosum Overwrite Protection

From a deployment, the Impact Analysis button can be clicked and the target org selected. You can see which components are the same as the target org, which are new, and which are different. The difference between the component version in the deployment and the one in the org can be viewed and decisions made if a merge is needed before deployment.

Flosum helps you eliminate code overwrites and move faster towards successful deployment. Visit Flosum Community Portal for deeper insights into how overwrite protection works.

Flosum Overwrite Protection: Standout Features

Flosum also utilizes Apex PMD for static code analysis and also integrates with SonarQube and other products. Further, the deployment analyzer feature within Flosum helps detect and resolve errors that would occur during deployment, thus saving developers time and rework effort.

Manual review and approval of changes can be configured based on customer’s unique process and needs. Flosum also supports line by line comparison and in line commenting, even large XML files.

Usually, once you have committed your commits to the branch and walked through the static code quality analysis which is APEX PMD as well as the Pull Request, you must always run an ‘Impact Analysis’. Just so there is no code overwrite when you are ready to deploy to your target org.

Benefits of Flosum’s Overwrite Protection

Flosum offers Salesforce developers peace of mind and the ability to deploy with confidence.

High-Quality Code: It ensures that your Salesforce code is of high quality by limiting the bugs that may make their way into the production org. This translates to customer trust and confidence.

Saves time and rework effort: Salesforce deployment can be slow and time-consuming. Flosum’s automated pull request and Impact Analysis helps you find and fix errors and resolve merge conflicts throughout the development process and catch bugs and overwrites well before they make it to the production org. By identifying common errors and enabling team collaboration, it promotes understanding of codebase across teams while also reducing re-work and reducing technical debt.

Security: Existing static code analysis tools have limitations in synchronizations, as a result, they can only do so much. Flosum’s overwrite protection feature works seamlessly to fix vulnerabilities that compromise the quality of code that the former may miss. Flosum is also 100% native to Salesforce, meaning we will never have access to your data.

Enforced as Quality Gate: Together, these features can be used as quality gates to ensure you release high-quality code while maintaining your velocity.

Merge Conflicts Resolution: Fast, Easy and Hassle-Free

Flosum makes it especially easy to resolve merge conflicts instantly! Using our Overwrite Protection feature, you can analyze line by line to analyze the difference between different orgs. Flosum is a fully native release management and version control system for Salesforce that simply works. As your all – in – one DevOps solution for Salesforce Finish your deployments in minutes, not hours or days.

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“Flosum is the best native release management tool that you will fall in love with. I have gained confidence in my role and has given me the ability to view release management from a whole different perspective.”

Faizan Ali

Faizan Ali
Salesforce Consultant at Turnitin