As enterprise Salesforce customers adopt cloud technologies, they need to stay compliant with data security and privacy regulations. Since Salesforce is a cloud-based platform, it is important to ensure that the needed security requirements and privacy measures are in place. This is where Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) cloud application service providers (CSPs) become important. Salesforce ISVs are one such subset of CSPs that have the ability to provide customers with secure integration of Salesforce applications and processes.

FedRAMP is a U.S. Government program that was created in 2011 to ensure cloud computing security for the federal civilian agencies. It provides a standardized approach to the security and risk assessment of cloud services. As part of this program, cloud computing service providers must meet strict certification criteria before their applications and services can be used on government networks. Because of the rigorous demands of FedRAMP, many Salesforce ISVs have decided to become FedRAMP-certified, which has helped them stand out in a highly competitive marketplace.

Benefits of FedRAMP Cloud Apps Salesforce ISVs

The primary benefit of FedRAMP-certified Salesforce ISVs is the assurance that their cloud-based applications meet compliance standards and provide necessary security measures. By having a FedRAMP-certified Salesforce ISV, enterprises can feel secure in knowing that their applications and processes are being kept up to the highest security standards possible.

Another key benefit is the speed at which a cloud application can be implemented. The process for obtaining FedRAMP certification is much shorter than other security procedures, and this allows for Salesforce applications to be implemented faster. For enterprise customers, this ensures that they can quickly and easily integrate their applications with Salesforce and start using them faster.

Finally, certified cloud-class solutions are cost-effective. By using a FedRAMP-certified Salesforce ISV, not only is the customer assured of secure integration but the price point is also typically lower than other applications.


For enterprise customers looking to use Salesforce applications, finding a FedRAMP-certified Salesforce ISV can provide numerous benefits. Not only does it assure the highest security compliance standards, but it also allows for faster implementation with lower costs. In an ever-changing world, the security of applications and processes is of the utmost importance, and having a FedRAMP-certified Salesforce ISV can give customers the assurance they need to implement their applications securely and quickly.


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