Being Proactive is essential in life

The key to managing a company successfully is change adaptation. There are practically unlimited situations that require ongoing resourcefulness and decisive action, whether it is a challenge from a young competitor, a new product that revolutionizes the workplace, or even an economic slump.

There may be cyber security teams out there with top-tier personnel and the most cutting-edge equipment for whom money is essentially immaterial. Unfortunately, the majority of us don't reside there. Instead, we struggle in a world of constrained resources, ongoing trade-offs, and uneven degrees of expertise and experience.

Why is it necessary to adopt a proactive security posture in today’s environment?

This reality frequently manifests as a security team that is unable to keep up, is trapped in a reactive posture, sifts through a barrage of alarms, and is unable to react to events as rapidly as necessary. This can lead to dangerous data breaches and personnel burnout over an extended period of time. With this, organizations must develop security and compliance procedures that are proactive rather than reactive, given that improving cybersecurity defenses is increasingly essential. Instead of only repairing the damage once a breach has already happened, it makes sense to secure your company against prospective data breaches before they happen.

The prevalence of malware has significantly lowered the barrier to entry for attackers, boosting the amount of criminality. In order to successfully monitor and discover network intrusions, firms need to have robust cybersecurity postures.

As you work to improve the security posture of your company, there are a number of best practices you can employ to estimate risk and identify security control gaps. Following these best practices will enable you to continually evaluate and strengthen your cyber security posture in the future, which will increase your company's ability to protect crucial assets.

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Faizan Ali

Faizan Ali
Salesforce Consultant at Turnitin