As businesses increasingly adopt Salesforce for their customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs, the vertical is experiencing a meteoric surge in demand for Salesforce developers. This rise in demand has come hand-in-hand with a corresponding rise in salaries for these experienced resources, particularly in New Jersey. In this article, we provide an overview of the current market conditions for Salesforce developers in New Jersey, along with the primary factors influencing compensation and the comparative salaries across relevant job roles.

Local Demand for Salesforce Developers

As Salesforce continues to become a mainstream CRM and ERP unit for businesses of all sizes, the state of New Jersey has seen the demand for Salesforce developers rise substantially over recent years. In 2019, a study conducted by Glassdoor estimated that the average salary for a Salesforce developer job in New Jersey was approximately $113,000, making it one of the most highly remunerated jobs across all IT roles. Subsequent analysis also suggests that the salaries for experienced Salesforce developers within the state are consistently in the six-digit range.

Several of the largest corporations headquartered in the state, including Johnson and Johnson and Prudential Financial, have adopted Salesforce for strengthening their customer relations and over all operational efficiency. This provides a sizeable number of opportunities for Salesforce developers throughout New Jersey. Additionally, this trend has seen larger metropolitan cities such as Newark, Jersey City, and Atlantic City become home to several Salesforce-focused technology firms. These firms regularly hire experienced employees with Salesforce development backgrounds.

Market Factors Influencing Salaries

Primarily, the salary of a Salesforce developer in New Jersey depends on the respondent’s skill set, experience, and industry fluency. Candidates with a strong background of developing solutions for Salesforce releases, data backup and recovery, and system security are usually offered salaries that are commensurate with their professional reputation. Respondents with up-to-date certifications corresponding to the relevant Salesforce product line are also among the most highly paid Salesforce jobs within the state.

Apart from the candidate’s personal background, salaries for Salesforce developers in New Jersey are also visibly influenced by the type of organization and size of the project. For instance, working with a larger enterprise on a larger-scale project will almost invariably pay higher salaries than working with a smaller-scale tech firm. In this context, the primary advantage for experienced Salesforce developers in the state is that there is evidently no shortage of jobs in the current market.

Comparative Salaries Across Different Job Profiles

Though salaries for Salesforce developers in the state usually stay well within the six-digit bracket, there is a visible variation across different job profiles. Primarily, a senior-level Salesforce developer typically earns more than a Salesforce administrator within New Jersey. This arises mainly out of the senior position's greater responsibility and autonomy, as well as fewer opportunities that require this specific set of skills.

On the other hand, a Salesforce integration consultant typically has a shorter tenure in each project, and earns a comparatively lower average yearly Salary. As far as career growth opportunities are concerned, Salesforce lead positions are increasingly opening up for experienced candidates with a comprehensive knowledge of the platform, development languages, and security protocols.


Overall, the demand for Salesforce developers in New Jersey has seen a steady rise over recent years, with salaries remaining consistently within the six-digit range. While the actual remuneration offered depends upon the individual respondent’s experience and qualifications, job roles in the senior spectrum of Salesforce development are usually offered the highest salaries.

At the same time, job roles such as Salesforce administrators and integration consultants prove to be abundant in the state, offering an excellent opportunity for quick turnarounds and a higher pay-rate-per-project. With the field of Salesforce continuing to expand at a rapid pace, job security and attractive salary brackets are set to remain a mainstay in New Jersey.

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