Gordon Ramsay rose to fame not just for his highly acclaimed restaurants, cookbooks and television shows, but also for his demeanor. As one of the world’s most influential chefs, Ramsay is equally known for his fiery temper and use of profanity.

According to Francis Pindar, Founder of AdminToArchictect and a 26X Salesforce certified guru, taking a similar approach to the DevOps cycle is warranted. Not necessarily the profanity piece, but says Pindar, asking “Why?” and not being afraid to do so.

What did Pindar find by asking questions, and seeking the “Why?” That there is significant room for improvements in the process. For example: Why do we need 14 approvers on this release? Listen as Pindar elaborates on his ‘Gordon Ramsay’ approach to DevOps.

Pindar, a developer by trade, has extensive experience in the DevOps cycle. To get his full perspective on ways to improve and enhance this cycle, view our webinar DevOps Full Circle: Development to Architecture to App Management.

Business akin to DevOps process

Pindar notes the similarities between any business process and the world of DevOps. There are different functions, roles, data, and processes in each. What’s important to take note of is whether there are bottlenecks. Where is the process getting impeded, for example?

Giving thoughtful consideration to the efficiency, or lack thereof, of the DevOps model, Pindar uses the “Gordon Ramsay” approach and really questions the entire process. That’s because layers upon layers of approvals can be nonsensical, slowing the entire process.

Here’s where Pindar’s Ramsay approach is best utilized. Asking ‘why’ to identify such issues and going through that discovery process. At the end of the day, it’s not for good television as in Ramsay’s career; however, it is about finding a better way of operating. Streamline the process and get results – faster.

Keeping security where it belongs: front and center

In this new era and the post-pandemic frenetic pace of app development, what we mustn’t forget is the crucial role of security. Take heed, however. Security doesn’t have to slow down the process. There are options available to keep it all seamless.

Fast deployments can still be achieved in a security-conscious environment. Flosum is native to Salesforce and provides a reliable solution that enables a true DevSecOps process – with security as the central focal point. To learn more about how Flosum can provide the security your organization needs, schedule a free demo.

To fully appreciate the ‘Gordon Ramsay’ approach to DevOps, hear from Salesforce guru Francis Pindar by watching the full webinar.

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Faizan Ali

Faizan Ali
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