A U.S. federal government agency with more than 600,000 employees and a $77 billion
 operating budget manages a customer service application built on Salesforce. The
 application is constantly growing and evolving, with many developers working within it to
 add features and improve user experience. Flosum Release Management empowers
 them to streamline the Salesforce release process by cutting manual steps in half and
 speeding deployments by 66.5%. As a result, the team can reliably hit tight deadlines
 and deliver improved release quality.


 With more than 90,000 users across the United States, cross-organizational release
 scheduling and collaboration proved very challenging and negatively impacted release
 cycle timelines. The agency needed to merge these work flows while preventing
 overwrites by launching C360 within this already complex parallel development
 environment. Security was an extremely important consideration as well, as the agency
 manages huge amounts of sensitive data in the Government Cloud. Looking to move
 away from GIT, the agency turned to Flosum and a top global SI to provide DevOps
 guidance, process, and governance to drive quality, team productivity gains, and


 The U.S. agency evaluated many options before deciding Flosum was the only
 company that met its security needs and could be authorized to run in the Government
 Cloud. Flosum’s 100% native architecture (not just a UI layer like other AppExchange
 DevOps products) ensures no metadata or data ever leaves the Government Cloud.
 Satisfied that its security needs would be met, the agency could move forward with a
 very-involved pilot to allow them to experience Flosum firsthand. The native version
 control and flexible release pipeline reduced manual efforts to hit deadlines while
 flexible technical configurations and governance modeling enabled a solid DevOps


 The pilot, which spanned more than 1,000 releases to thoroughly benchmark the
 differences between their previous system and Flosum, proved that Flosum gave the
 agency the increased efficiency around release activities they were searching for.
 During this time the agency reduced their deployment time by 66.5%. They also
 reduced manual work by 46%, saving time and reducing opportunities for human error.

 Additional time was saved by a 48% decrease in non-release deployments, driven by
 better automation and Flosum’s built-in quality checks. This accelerated release cycle
 allowed the agency to add new features and functions into the system faster, satisfying
 constituents and being more responsive to the business. If you add up the time the agency saved in development   efficiencies, in just 60 days the team saved enough time to pay for a year of Flosum solutions.

 Now that’s ROI!

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