IBM Federal and Flosum successfully enabled one of the largest US Federal agencies' business plans for growth and acceleration.

IBM Federal Salesforce focuses on imagining, co-creating and delivering impactful experiences with measurable outcomes. They achieve this by building and integrating capabilities that enable their Federal clients to use Salesforce as the platform of choice.

In an evolving and digitally transformational space, connected platforms, architectures and ecosystems are offering new opportunities for growth, efficiency, and innovation. An in-depth focus on combinations of platforms and capabilities are vital to building out their client’s agenda for growth and the acceleration of novel business models. 


In one such case IBM Federal’s client, also one of the largest US Federal agencies, needed to build and  implement Salesforce case management. The implementation needed to be quick, and the functionality needed to be repeatable so that it could be planned and deployed in other business units within the agency.


With a limited timeline and budget allocated for the initiative,  Flosum was the undisputable solution choice. Flosum is the only Salesforce native DevSecOps solution, and the only solution of its kind that does not allow data or information to leave the Salesforce Government Cloud boundary. Thanks to its architecture, Flosum inherits the Salesforce security controls, leading to its swift approval for usage at the agency.

A team member from the agency reported, “Our team needed to maximize the amount of time spent designing and configuring and minimizing the amount of time spent building changesets and performing manual deployment steps.” Flosum was pivotal in achieving this, and it also reduced the amount of deployment errors and bugs that the team needed to chase down and resolve.


Because the repeatability of this specific initiative was a priority, Flosum would enable traceable requirements that are related to existing components so that future implementations could select their requirements and re-use those components. 

In addition, the technical team was able to remain within their tight implementation schedule. The planned story point capacity was exceeded by an average 25% for each sprint. The agency was able to experience the value of the Flosum tool first hand, and has continued to use Flosum for each build, elevation and promotion while maintaining the tightest security controls operationally. 

IBM Federal swiftly recognized the acceleration of their client’s business model was dependent on a digital transformation, and facilitated the implementation of Flosum to overcome the roadblocks. The Salesforce case management initiative was a complete success that enabled all business units to innovate and advance, allowing the service organization of tomorrow to be in place today.