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Salesforce Devs Deserve A Better Solution

Power of the Salesforce

As an Enterprise Architect at Salesforce, our founder experienced firsthand the power of the Salesforce cloud platform to quickly build custom applications that drive meaningful business results.

Gap in Development Technology

However, he also noticed that there were many gaps in the tools utilized for Salesforce development. Teams struggled with outdated, cobbled-together solutions.

Uniqueness Salesforce

Most devops vendors were leveraging the tools built for traditional development platforms and did not handle the unique needs of the Salesforce platform, causing great inefficiencies and frustrations.

Building native solution

He envisioned a better tool for the marketplace and set forth in building a best-in-class solution specifically designed for use on the Salesforce platform that would meet its unique needs intuitively.

Greater Development Environment

The result was an end-to-end application lifecycle management tool built 100% on the Salesforce platform.

Flosum Helps

Today, Flosum helps hundreds of companies of all shapes and sizes efficiently and effectively manage their Salesforce development needs.


The Flosum team now spans seven time zones and supports clients at some of the top companies in the world. Our solution has garnered praise and top awards from users and organizations alike.

But with all our growth our focus has never changed – we still nurture our development driven culture and are obsessed with providing worry free release management for Salesforce devs.

Flosum’s Mission

Worry-free Release Management

The mission of Flosum is to enable IT leaders to manage the Salesforce cloud with confidence

Empowering developers to innovate

If you’re worrying about your release management, we’re not doing our job.


ISV Partner Innovation awards

Salesforce gold

Top 25 Apps on Appexchange

Paying it Forward

Community and development is at the heart of what we do, and at the heart of who we are. For every Flosum customer, we sponsor a child for one year in an underserved community through Care for Children.

This organization provides holistic education with an emphasis on social responsibility and human values to children in underserved communities.

Our customers

What about our customers ? We conducted an analysis that exceeded all our expectations. We are pleased to know what we do is spread around the world.

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