What if Salesforce deployment could feel like driving a shiny new Tesla; extremely fun and easy to drive?

Salesforce deployment can seem like a wild goose chase and the slow process can often make deployment times of an hour or more appear normal, especially when using changesets. Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like Hansel and Gretel going down a long path of changes in deployment, all the while unsure of what and which components you need to add to your changesets!

As Salesforce admins and developers you are constantly looking for effective tools to answer questions, resolve bugs, and keep your orgs the best they can be. Even though you may test all the changes you made to the sandbox before you deploy your awesomeness to the production, you may often hit a stumbling block. This is because Salesforce development teams often struggle with coupled together solutions that leverage multiple outdated tools which were built for other types of development. Thus, they do not effectively handle the unique needs of the Salesforce platform. Which only leads to inefficiency and more frustration.

Flosum takes the pain out of Salesforce deployment by providing one powerful, integrated DevOps solution. Flosum leverages automation and AI to automatically check potential causes of deployment failure and suggests a fix before you deploy. It feels like you have the ultimate deployment personal assistant who does the behind-the-scenes work for you. Developers are all crunched for time these days and this feature helps your DevOps teams earn back their time and drive ROI.


How Flosum’s Deployment Analyzer Boosts Developer’s Velocity

Deployments in Flosum are delivered as patches, and Flosum can deploy all components that are supported by the metadata API as well as the Tooling API. You’ll find that creating deployments in Flosum is quick and easy. You can even create a deployment from multiple user stories or commits.

With Flosum’s Deployment Analyzer, you can instantly detect and resolve errors that would occur during deployment, saving time and effort it would take to rework your deployment. It can also be used to remove dependencies among user stories as well as fix API version-related errors.

Branch Deployment Analyzer checks for deployment errors before the deployment happens. The types of errors it helps identify include:

  • API version errors
  • Missing component errors

A deployment analyzer acts as a validation and adds a lot of power as it allows you to fix things before you deploy them. It analyzes all the components and will returns results for any issues. So, for instance, if there is any component missing, or any missing references in profiles that are not clickable, or any differences in your API versions, it will come back to show you all of those in an interface that is very easy for you to understand and resolve those changes.

Deployment Analyzer also allows you to fix the changes then and there as you do your deployment. So, you do not have to go back in the actual component and move things around depending on what the specific case is. Explore the Flosum Community portal to discover how deployment analyzer works in greater detail. Here’s a detailed video of how Deployment Analyzer takes the pain out of Salesforce Deployment.

It doesn’t just help you spot errors that are otherwise easy to miss when pursuing manual deployments but goes a step ahead and helps you fix troubleshooters without interrupting your deployment velocity.

Flosum’s robust DevOps feature brings together requirement management, environment management, version control, continuous integration, and deployment with user pipelines and testing. All specifically built for Salesforce, on the Salesforce platform. Flosum’s 100% native architecture offers the highest levels of security and compliance. We also offer full visibility with manager dashboards and DevOps metrics. Try for free today – Flosum’s blazing fast speed and simple features saves far more time and eliminates far more pain than any other custom-built solution or app exchange tool on the market.

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“Flosum is the best native release management tool that you will fall in love with. I have gained confidence in my role and has given me the ability to view release management from a whole different perspective.”

Faizan Ali

Faizan Ali
Salesforce Consultant at Turnitin