As a trusted software provider focused on Salesforce release management, Salesforce data backup and recovery, and Salesforce security solutions, we understand the importance of understanding the various company values Salesforce puts forth that can help you determine the best ways to utilize your resources and maximize the potential of Salesforce. Knowing and understanding these core values can help you make informed decisions that are conducive to enhancing customer experiences.

Customer Success

The cornerstone of the Salesforce values is that customer success should be at the center of every decision. This value strives for conducting business in a way that builds trust and creates successful and meaningful customer relationships. Built upon this mentality, Salesforce prioritizes usability and security, focusing on finding ways to bring value to customers through solutions that facilitate onboarding, adoption, and long-term growth.


No company can succeed without being open-minded and willing to challenge themselves and venture into uncharted territories. For Salesforce, innovation goes beyond simply developing new products, but also ensuring that these same solutions enable their customers to remain competitive and create solutions that can scale as businesses grow.


Trust is at the heart of Salesforce values, and it starts with how they protect customer data and properties. This includes the leveraging of existing security technology, implementing end-to-end encryption across all products, and setting high standards for user experience. Additionally, Salesforce seeks to prioritize data privacy and security for customers, thereby ensuring secure data storage and compliance with laws and regulations.


When it comes to how salesforce interacts with its customers, they seek to create what they call an “inclusive culture of respect.” This means they are dedicated to eradicating racism and sexism and striving to promote an environment of respect, fairness, and inclusion in the workplace.

Giving Back

Giving back isn’t just an afterthought for Salesforce, rather, they actively seek to make the world a better place for those in need. This includes their Salesforce Foundation which promotes philanthropic and environmental causes in the areas of economic equality, youth education, and the environment.

At Zylotech, we know how essential it is to understand your corporate values and apply them to your Salesforce software. We are committed to understanding our customers’ values and helping them use their Salesforce resources to realize their vision and goals. Our solutions encourage users to maximize their growth potential and increase the scalability and reliability of their Salesforce software.


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Faizan Ali
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