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Built on Salesforce, Built for Salesforce

The 100% native Application Lifecycle Management Solution for Salesforce!
Flosum Delivers on the Salesforce Promise

About Flosum

Salesforce is a fantastic cloud platform to quickly build applications on. Choosing it is the first important step in accomplishing your organizational goals. Yet, it is not sufficient to only choose the right platform — the right set of collaborative tools is essential, one that provides for cloud governance, compliance, and security. This is the one principle that guides everything we do at Flosum to cement our customers’ success and experience in managing this investment.

Flosum is a complete Salesforce-based Application Lifecycle Management solution that is designed for the Salesforce.com platform. Flosum manages development processes from requirements planning all the way to deployment into production. As a native Salesforce.com application, it promotes governance, compliance, and rapid innovation in the successful delivery of software.

Our Mission

Flosum is passionate about building a world-class team to become the dominant force in enterprise-grade tools for managing the Salesforce platform. Empowering developers to innovate and IT leaders to manage the Salesforce cloud with confidence is the mission of Flosum.

If you’re worrying about your release management, we’re not doing our job.

Our customers recognize us for our deep application lifecycle management and technical expertise. Our world-class solutions manage risk throughout the development process, ensure compliance with regulations (SOX, HIPAA, etc), improve collaboration, deploy software quickly and predictably, amongst many other things. Our employees continuously look for ways to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Governance, Compliance, Security:
Are these afterthoughts in your Salesforce solution?

For our customers, business success is increasingly dependent on the successful delivery of software. We consciously provide governance every step of the way so that IT leaders have visibility to anticipate risks and plan for success. This, in turn, makes business audits a non-event.
Compliance and security are critical to every business, rather more so in the cloud. That is one of the compelling reasons customers pick the Salesforce platform for running their applications. Flosum’s modern architecture, built 100% natively on the force.com platform, intrinsically provides the compliance, certifications, and security that you have come to expect from the Salesforce platform.

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