A leading global consumer and medical products conglomerate uses Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience   Cloud with integrations for data that is shared to/from many other enterprise systems. Their Salesforce   environment has sensitive business and personal information about products, distribution channels, customer   sales and support.



 For regulatory reasons, some of the data acquired and stored by this organization must be archived and   available for many years. The issue with this stems from Salesforce operational efficiency best practices - it is   very impractical to keep each record for as long as regulations require. The organization needed a way to   offload certain detailed data while retaining other data. For compliance reasons, Personally Identifiable (PII)   data needed to be accessed and processed differently than internal operational data, meaning that different   backup and restore policies needed to be supported for different data. 

 For business continuity and disaster recovery, data for the organization was required to be  stored off of   Salesforce, but within the company's own IT boundary.

 And finally, data restore capabilities needed to support selection of specific fields and records based upon   comparison or point-in-time full restore.



 This organization evaluated cloud-based SaaS solutions but later eliminated most candidates because the company's data was stored on third party servers, which was a potential security risk. They also evaluated in-house options to extract and store data.  This "data dump" approach checked the box for preservation of data, but the data was not easily accessible or usable since the relationships between elements would have been jeopardized and it lacked robust versioning. 

In addition, maintaining a relational data repository for the data to be more useful and accessible was quite costly. The client selected Flosum Data Backup and Recovery solution to preserve and manage their data properly in storage while ensuring the highest level of security and compliance.



 With Flosum's "bring your own storage" approach, coupled with our robust Data Backup and Recovery   application, the client was able to satisfy information security requirements with easy to use data access,   review, and restore capabilities.

With minimal API consumption for storing records, the organization is as able to backup and archive their data in just a few hours and when needed can restore up to a 1,000 records in just minutes, while preserving all data and metadata relationships. The restore time for those records is minutes. Ultimately, this organization is able to maintain a repository that can process data differently based on separate criteria and accessed at any point in time, all within their own IT boundary to successfully meet all regulatory requirements.