From DevOps to DevSecOps: The Cybersecurity Challenge

The DevOps cycle seems a bit like a race against time. With mounting pressure to develop apps faster and faster, it’s little wonder that the process can feel like the Indy 500. To better understand the cycle in its entirety, let’s examine its turning points and its greatest challenges.

Watch as Veroljub Mihajlovic, senior director of product marketing at Flosum, explains both the DevOps process itself and how an organization’s cybersecurity posture evolves at each stage.

It’s clear that the racetrack can get a little dicey, and a new approach is needed.

It’s a long race, not a sprint

Security is often an integral part of the initial DevOps launch process, but if you fast-forward a bit, you’ll see that as the race to develop moves along, the cybersecurity posture begins to wane. The accelerated process can leave security in the rearview mirror, and without this line of sight, it’s no wonder a major security breach may be lurking around the next curve.

That’s because of the human aspect. Developers have the ability to change rules and permissions, to create sandboxes and testing, and to use third-party tools with SaaS applications, and human errors can inadvertently slip in. It’s all well-intended, yes, but this lack of attention to the cybersecurity process comes with a cost.

IT professionals are increasingly realizing that security can’t just be involved at the outset. It’s a long race, and security must be fully engaged throughout the process. This requires a cultural shift and a mindset that security isn’t there to slow the race down – they’re on the team to ensure a secure and successful finish.

IT professionals are waving the flag

According to Forrester Senior Analyst, Security and Risk Janet Worthington there are troubling indicators on the horizon. For instance, when Forrester surveyed nearly 800 digital and IT professionals, 74% say they’ve been breached at least once during the past year.

Watch as Worthington explains the top concerns raised by IT professionals when it comes to security and the alarming risks they see on the horizon.

The greatest threat is external. Cyber attackers are savvy and can quickly identify the weakest link. With the increasing pressure to develop apps faster and faster – utilizing low-code and citizen developers – the overall security risk to organizations is on the rise.

Flosum offers the winning solution

The key to success is establishing a security-conscious process and culture – so that we move from DevOps to DevSecOps, placing security as a central focal point. Want fast deployments in a security-conscious environment? Flosum is native to Salesforce and provides a reliable solution that enables a true DevSecOps process. To learn more about how Flosum can provide the security you’re looking for, schedule a free demo.

To fully appreciate the race to implement a new security culture and DevSecOps, hear from Veroljub and Worthington in our webinar Will Citizen Development Lead to a Headline Cybersecurity Breach in 2023?

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Faizan Ali

Faizan Ali
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