What a year 2021 was! - Flosum DevOps
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This has been a great year for Flosum. We thank all of our customers, partners and employees for such a successful year. If it weren’t for everyone, we couldn’t bring you the only Native DevOps platform for Salesforce.

Just a few highlights from the year:

  • We hosted our annual conference, DevOps Summit, with thought-leaders from Salesforce, Provar, Code Scan, Blue Green and more.
  • We had a tremendous turnout for our DevOps Security Summit and heard from thought-leaders like Accenture, Provar and Salesforce MVPs.
  • We hosted our Summer ’21 Release webinar and got our customers and the industry excited about new vision for DevOps.
  • We also hosted our Winter ’21 Release and showcased all the new and exciting enhancements to our products and some new things coming down the road in 2022.
  • We had a great time, virtually, with all of our Salesforce friends at Trailhead DX and Dreamforce.
  • We deep dove into our product with our bi-weekly DevTech Talk
  • We were delighted to join Provar on their Winter launch webinar.
  • We enjoyed telling our DevOps story to our Latin American listeners on the Brazilian Salesforce webinar series.
  • We couldn’t be more grateful for having Jason Atwood interview Girish Jashnani in the AppExchange Mavericks Video.

­We also won some great awards this year. Check out our trophy case.



We hope everyone has a great end to 2021 and a wonderful and safe start to 2022. We are looking forward to seeing everyone, in person, in 2022. Cheers!